Othello Act 4 Questions

After Iago lied and told Othello that Cassio confessed going to bed with Desdemona, what advice does he give the overwhelmed Othello? He tells Othello to kill Desdemona and he will take care of Cassio.
What happens to Othello in Scene 1? How does Iago respond? Othello gets really mad and Iago goes and speaks to Cassio while Othello is listening to their conversation. Othello faints/has a panic attack (Iago laughs and says his plan is working).
How does Iago trick Othello into thinking Cassio is gloating and bragging about his affair with Desdemona? He is talking about Bianca, but Iago makes it seem like he is talking about Desdemona.
Why is Bianca angry with Cassio? Because she found the handkerchief and thinks he is unfaithful (cheating on her).
How does Bianca’s return with the handkerchief help Iago? Because it shows Othello that Bianca has the handkerchief she received from Cassio and it makes Cassio look worse.
Why does Othello hit Desdemona? Because she celebrates Cassio’s job hiring and Othello gets mad.
Who is Lodovico, and why has he come to Venice? He is Desdemona’s cousin and he is there to give Othello a message to him for his return to Venice.
What is Lodovico’s reaction to Othello’s behavior towards Desdemona? How does Iago later explain Othello’s behavior to Lodovico? Lodovico is very surprised that the noble Othello hit her. Iago later explains that his behavior is usually much worse than that.
Why does Othello ask Emilia about Cassio’s affair with Desdemona, and what is her reply? Because Emilia is her best friend and they are always together. Her reply is that Desdemona would never be unfaithful to Othello, however she cannot convince him.
How correctly does Othello identify his weakness in Scene 2? He admits that jealousy is his weakness, but his real weakness is that he is too honest and trusting. He gives his love and trust to Iago, but he thinks he is giving it to Desdemona.
To whom does Desdemona turn for help after Othello calls her a strumpet? Ironically, she turns to Iago.
Why does Iago tell Roderigo to kill Cassio? Why does Roderigo consent to think about it? Because he told Othello that he would kill Cassio, but if he can get Roderigo to do it, Iago’s hands remain clean/innocent. Roderigo consents because he is desperate to get to Desdemona.
If Roderigo kills Cassio, what promise has Iago taken care of? The promise he made to Othello that he would kill Cassio for having an affair with Desdemona.
What does the discussion between Desdemona and Emilia tell us about their relationship? Given Scene 3, between Desdemona and Emilia, is it all possible that Desdemona could ever be unfaithful to Othello? It tells us how close they are. It is not possible for Desdemona to be unfaithful to Othello because she says in their conversation that she would never betray him for the world.
What is the effect of the “Willow Song” and the interruptions to it? It represents foreshadowing of Desedemona’s death and the interruptions show how she is going paranoid, stuttering, forgetting words, etc. because she is nervous.
3 important things to remember about the “Willow Song” are: 1. Sung by Barbary (Desdemona’s maid as a girl).2. The maid was singing this right before she died because her lover cheated on her.3. Juxtaposition (garland, hearing noises as she is singing, etc.).