othello act 3&4

“Do it not with poison. Strangle her in her bed, even the bed she hath contaminated.” Iago
“It were not for your quiet nor your good,/Nor for my manhood, honesty, or wisdom,/To let you know my thoughts.” Othello
“Farewell, farewell!/If more thou dost perceive, let me know more./Set on thy wife to observe.” Othello
“O beware, my lord, of jealousy!/It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock/The meat it feeds on.” Iago
“It is not honesty in me to speak/What I have seen and known.” Iago
“Fear not my government.” Othello
“Good name in man and woman, dear my lord/Is the immediate jewel of their souls.” Iago
“Look to your wife; observe her well with Cassio:/Wear your eyes thus: not jealous nor secure.” Iago
“All my fond love thus do I blow to heaven./Tis gone./Arise, black vengeance, from the hollow hell!” Othello
“I do not like the office./But sith I am entered in this cause so far./Pricked to’t by foolish honesty and love./I will go on.” Iago
“Get me some poison…this night…I’ll not expostulate with her, lest her body and beauty unprovide my mind again.” Othello
“Excellent wretch! Perdition catch my soul/But I do love thee! And when I love thee not,/Chaos is come again.” Othello
“I will not stay to offend you.” Desdemona
“But jealous souls will not be answered so;/They are not ever jealous for the cause./But jealous for they’re jealous. It is a monster/Begot upon itself, born on itself.” Emilia
“I do beseech you/That by your virtuous means I may again/Exist, and be a member of his love/Whom I with all the office of my heart/Entirely honor.” Cassio
“Prithee no more. Let him come when he will!/I will deny thee nothing.” Othello
“If I do die before, prithee shroud me/In one of these same sheets.” Desdemona
“I durst my lord, to wager she is honest,/Lay down my soul at stake.” Emilia
“Assure thee,/If I do vow a friendship, I’ll perform it/To the last article.” Desdemona
“I’ll see before I doubt; when I doubt, prove;/And on the proof there is no more but this:/Away at once with love or jealousy!” Othello
“Had it pleased heaven/ To try me with affliction, had they rained/ All kinds of sores and shames on my bare head, / Steeped me in poverty to the very lips,/ Given to captivity me and my utmost hopes,/ I should have found in some place of my soul/ A drop of patience.” Othello
“…that dost almost persuade Justice to break her sword.” Othello
“No, as I am a Christian!/If to preserve this vessel for my lord/From any other unlawful touch/Be not a strumpet, I am none.” Desdemona
” ‘Tis not a year or two shows us a man. They are all but stomachs, and we all but food; To eat us hungerly, and when they are full they belch us.” Emilia
“…witness that here Iago doth give up/The execution of his wit, hands, heart,/To wronged Othello’s service!” Iago
“I know not, sweet: I found it in my chamber./I like the work well: ere it be demanded–/As like enough it will–I’d have it copied” Cassio
“Work on, My medicine, work! Thus credulous fools /are caught…” Iago
“It is a creature/That dotes on Cassio, as ’tis the strumpet’s plague/To beguile many and be beguiled by one” Iago

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