Othello act 3 scenes 1-4

What is Emila to Iago? She becomes his stooge (puppet)
How is Irony seen from the begining of the act? Cassio calls Iago “kind and honest”
How does Othello fall into Iago’s trap? Iago calls him “my good lord”
What were the Jacobean ideas about sinning? that it would been seen in your apperance
How does Iago place the seed? “steal away so guilty like”
Which frustates Othello, how? “By heaven I’ll know thy thoughts”
How does Iago make Othello jump to conclusions? That his thoughts are “vile and false”
How does Othello turn jealous? “stolen hours of lust”
What imagery does Shakespeare use? Ocluar imagery; “she had eyes and choose me” “ocluar proof”
How is act three different to act one scne 3? Othello is alienated by everyone including who feels his wife
How does Desdemona argue her loyailty? “my lord you know I love you”
How does Othello prove that Desdemona is his “souls joy” As when he is not with Desdemona “chaos is come again” foreshadow/metaphor
What does the handerkief symbolise? Love and faithfulness which Othello rejects
In this scene what happenes to the females? They are voiceless and as Emila puts it “I am obdedient”
How does Othello show that he is very upest with his pride? “She is gone I am abused”
How can it be shown that Othello turns evil? “Suffocating streams””Death and Damnation””I’ll tear her to pieces”- makes Othello look like the villain in a jacobean play
How does emila explain that woman only exist to please men? Through a metaphor “we all but food”
How is magic presented? “magic in the web” within the hankercheif
How is it seen that jealosy has ruined othello? “Begot upon itself born on itself”