Othello Act 3 Quotes

3.3Iagojealousy. linked to appearance and reality. Anthropomorphizing jealousy. Jealousy impedes Othello’s ability to distinguish reality from delusion. Green colour comes from an imbalance of humours caused from a ‘bilious hue’ that caused jealousy in Elizabethan England. Jealousy ends up destroying the heart It preys on “It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on”.
3.3OthelloHe is still in denial of the situation and his jealousy, he still has some faith and love for Desdemona as he recognises she chose him despite his race. “For she had eyes, and chose me”
3.3IagoOthello has asked for “ocular proof”, but can easily be manipulated. This is Iago’s way of saying the handkerchief will be the gospel truth. “Proof of holy writ”
3.3IagoRacism, as Iago believes Desdemona choosing Othello instead of someone of her own complexion makes her unnatural and disgusting. Iago also plays with Othello’s status as a black Moor. “most rank” “unnatural”
3.3 OthelloRacial discourse. Othello shows racial insecurity. Dian is the god of the pale moon. He believes that her infidelity is corrupting and soiling his name and reputation, and his reputation is now as dark and stained as his face. Internalizing the racial ideologies of other characters. “begrimed and black as mine own face” “as fresh as Dian’s visage”
3.3 OthelloHe feels that now that his wife has cheated on him he has been stripped of all his masculinity (emasculated) and therefore cannot be a soldier anymore. Eventually he will lose everything (links to triplet from act 1) Talking about himself in the third person – distancing himself and is not even himself anymore “Farewell! Othello’s occupation gone”
3.3OthelloIago’s manipulation and jealousy cause Othello to feel physical pain, showing not only emotional but also physical weakness and breakdown. Suggesting he is beginning to form horns like a cuckold “I have a pain upon my forehead”
3.3 OthelloGender roles – men are fated to suffer from being a cuckold – jealousy is a festering disease that can’t be cured. Believes all men are destined to be cheated on, which explains why he is so easily convinced of her infidelity. “forked plague is fated to us”
3.3EmiliaDespite her husbands abuse, Emilia accepts it and still craves his love and approval. Similar to how Des does nothing to try to defend herself when Othello is going to kill her, she just accepts it. “I nothing but to please his fantasy”
3.3IagoPatriarchy and control over his wife. “Do not rise yet”
Act 3Othello now mirrors Iago’s language “Zounds”
3.4EmiliaHas a more mature and realistic view of men than na├»ve, sheltered Des. She sees that men use women to satisfy themselves and when they are done w them they throw them away. men often exhibit inscrutable behaviours that seem very arbitrary to a woman “they are all but stomachs, and we all but food” “They belch us”