othello act 3 questions

Who has Cassio come to see at the castle? Emilia but really to see Desdemona
According to Emilia what does Othello plan to do about Cassio’s situation? Is Cassio satisfied with this answer? He still loves Cassio so he hopes he can hire him again but he has to wait until the time is right
What does Emilia and Desdemona believe about Iago? That he is an honest fellow and upset that Cassio was fired. (everyone trusts Iago)
Of what does Desdemona assure Cassio? Othello is only keeping his distance for political reasons
What will Desdemona do if Othello is not quick to reinstate Cassio? intervene everything Othello does by talking about it every chance she has till he gives in
What has Cassio done to show friendship to Othello? He always defends Othello when Des talks bad about him
What does Othello promise Des? I will deny you nothing
What will happen if Othello loses his love for Desdemona? everything will go wrong
What does Iago ask Othello about Cassio? When you were courting Des did Cassio know and he says yes he would send their messages
What does Othello think of Iago? What would he think of Iago’s behavior were he not so sure of Iago’s honesty? Full of love and honest He recognizes this is what people do to manipulate people so he thinks there must be something on his mind
Is Iago really guilty of being scattering and unsure in his speech not his place to say bc what if he is wrong
What does Iago say about a persons reputation now? it is worse to steal a mans rep than steal his money
is Othello a jealous person? no
Why wont Othello doubt Desdemona she had eyes she picked me but he has great qualities
What does Iago suggest is true of all Venetian women arent always true to their husbands not worried about being unfaithful but worried about getting caught
what evidence does Iago have Des’s dishonesty she betrayed her father by going behind his back and marrying O
What does Iago say might be a sign of foul disproportion in Des? What does he say she might do? natural for some to marry someone of same region (race and social class) Des will compare O to other venetians and regret marrying O
What does Iago advise Othello to do regarding Cassio? What should Othello watch for? dont rehire C yet bc you can watch Des’s reaction to C’s response to this
What reasons does Othello think Des might have for cheating on him? he’s black, not courtly manners like venetian men, he’s older
Why does Emilia steal the handkerchief? Iago has begged her to steal it
what will Iago do with the handkerchief put it in C’s room and make it look like evidence if you already have a suspicion the smallest thing looks like hard core evidence
How has Othello already been affected by iago’s poisonous words? he rather her sleep with everyone and not know
what does Othello demand from Iago visible proof
how has Des image changed in Othello’s mind? her entire image has been tarnished
what kind of proof can Iago offer if not direct ocular proof strong circumstantial evidence
What does Iago claim he heard Cassio say? Cassio talked about Des in his sleep
What final piece of evidence convinces Othello of his wife’s infidelity Iago sae C wiping beard with handkerchief O gave to Des
What will iago do for Othello He will do anything Othello says
How will Othello reward Iago? WHat will he do to Desdemona makes Iago lieutenant find a quick way for her to die
What does Othello say about Des’s hand her hand is moist sign of generosity
What die was used on the handkerchief mummified virgins
what view does emilia have on men they will chew us up and throw us out and when they loose their appetite for us they are done with us
What does des blame othellos bad behavior on something work related