Othello act 3

Aspics Venomous snakes
Compulsive (Archaic definition) driving onward
Conjects Speculates
Dilations Thoughts
Dispraisingly Negatively, critically
Dotes Lavishes love or affection on someone
Exsufflicate Inflated, swollen
Filch To steal
Government Self-control, moral conduct
Haply (Archaic definition) accidentally, by chance
Imputation A statement suggesting something dishonest
Jesses Short straps fastened to a falcon
Leets (Archaic definition) local courts
Mamm’ring (Archaic definition) stammering, hesitating
Ocular Based on what’s been seen, perceived by the eye
Penitent Remorseful
Politic Suitable
Prerogativ’d (Archaic definition) privileged
Probation Proof
Quillets (Archaic definition) trivial objections
Shrift A confession
Solicitor (Archaic definition) an advocate
Surmises Suspects
Advocation Role as an advocate
Castigation Scolding, strong criticism
Catechize (Archaic definition) to question, to interrogate
Compass (Archaic definition) range, scope
Heraldry (Archaic definition) armorial bearings
Indicted Accused
Sequester To isolate
Sufficient (Archaic definition) capable