Othello Act 3

Why start Act 3 with a comedy To ease the unhappy crowd
Desdemona and Othello already spoke about Cassio. Why won’t Othello reinstate Cassio immediately? Montano is important, has to wait until its safe politically
What does short scene establish? Othello is walking to see Desdemona and Cassio flirting
Cassio is assured he will have his job back. So, why is he still scared? Othello might forget about him
Why is it a bad thing that Desdemona says she will hound her husband on Cassio’s behalf (3.3.22-28)? Shows that she cares too much for cassio
How does Iago make Othello suspicious of Cassio when they see him with Desdemona and Emilia? He asks is that Cassio
Othello presents Iago with the perfect opportunity to talk about Cassio and his “intentions” with Desdemona, so why does Iago hesitate? Doesn’t want to be too obvious
What is ironic about Iago saying someone’s good name is worth more than money (3.3.176-193)? told roderigo that reputation is nothing
Translate lines 3.3.165-170. jealousy torments you until you give up, tortured by not knowing
How does Othello feel about jealousy (3.3.176-193)? So what does Iago tell Othello to do then? Has to see with his own eyes. iago says to not be jealous
What does Iago say about Venetian women (3.3.201-204)? Why does he bring up Desdemona’s past? They keep their affairs secret. to make othello suspicous
Why does Othello repeat Brabantio’s words (3.3.277)? lost his security
What 2 things does Othello feel has made him more likely to be cuckolded? Black and old, cant control women
Why is it important that Emilia found the handkerchief? Why would she give it to an eager Iago? What will Iago do with it? Iago has plans for it. she wants to please iago. iago will plant it in cassio’s place
Othello threatens Iago because he can’t stand the accusation against his wife. What makes Othello calm down some (3.3.370-77)?
What dream does Iago claim Cassio had? What other proof does Iago claim to know about? dreams about cassio loving desdemona. iago saw cassio with the handkerchief
What vow does Othello and Iago make together? Who will kill whom? Othello vows to kill Desdemona Iago vows to kill Cassio
Why does Desdemona think Othello is NOT a jealous person? Why does Othello deliberately ask for the handkerchief? What story does he tell about it? He’s black. he knows she doesn’t have it. He tells her it has magic
Why won’t Desdemona just tell Othello that she lost the handkerchief? Why does she eventually say it’s Othello’s fault? Scared because of othello’s story. othello made her drop it
Translate Emilia’s comment on husbands and wives (3.4.104-106). it takes less than a year to show who the husband really is. Also men use women as food and when they are done they throw them away
Why is Iago bringing Cassio to Desdemona? to ask for lieutenant position
Why does Desdemona think Othello’s mad? What does Emilia mean when she says, “They [men] are not jealous for the cause, But jealous for they’re jealous. It is a monster Begot upon itself, born on itself” (159-162)? Believes there is something about venice. men are always jealous for no reason
Why does Cassio give Bianca (his lover) the handkerchief? What does she think when she sees it? wants a copy of it. who’s it is
Where did Cassio get the handkerchief? Why doesn’t Cassio keep Bianca by his side? Iago put it in his room. they are not married
Othello’s easy manipulation–why? Complete turnaround from faithful to insecure because of trust in Iago, age, race and speech