Othello Act 3

affinity a natural liking or sympathy for someone or something
discretion the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way to avoid causing offense or revealing private info
reconcile to restore friendly relations or harmony
surmise to suppose something is true without verified evidence to confirm it
vehement showing passionate or intense feeling
comic relief What is Desdemona’s conversation with the clown otherwise called?
the sun how does desdemona think othello lost his jealousy?
tense how is othello’s relationship with desdemona right now?
it belonged to othello’s mother what is so special about the handkerchief
if the wife loses the handkerchief, then the husband no longer loves her and will cheat on her how is the handkerchief cursed
she is a prostitute who is in love with cassio who is bianca
she is very blunt and knows what she wants, and she is self employed how does bianca differ from desdemona and emilia
humors what is another word for jealousy
black bile what is a type of humor
motif what is a black bile an example of
love (between othello and desdemona) what does the handkerchief symbolize
she thinks men use woman for sex and then drop them when they are finished what is emilias look on love
make an exact copy of desdemonas handkerchief what does cassio ask emilia to do
she did not have the handkerchief like she said she did and she did not know othello thought she was cheating on him with cassio what is desdemona’s disadvantage in her argument with othello
it is panicked and desperate and frantic what is the atmosphere like in the beginning of scene 3
put in a good word for him with othello what does desdemona decide to do for cassio
he does not want othello to see him talking with desdemona why does cassio rush out quickly
because iago can now use that to say that cassio is too guilty to be in front of othello how does cassio leaving fast when othello comes over help iago and his plan
cassio getting his job back and othello talking with cassio what seems to be on desdemonas mind the most during her convo with othello in scene 3
a meeting at the citadel(castle) about the war what is othello distracted by instead of cassio
he slowly hints at small things, making othello want to know more and ask more quesitons, and he builds a lot of suspension what strats does iago use to build more suspicion in othello
he is talking about jealousy and how it can be like a monster inside of the body what does iago mean by the phrase “green eyed monster”
it falls without anyone seeing, and emilia found it then gave it to iago without choice what happens to desdemonas handkerchief
she knows how much it means to desdemona and knows she will be upset if she can not find it why does emilia take the handkerchief
it was the first gift that othello had given to desdemona what is so important about the handkerchief
he is going to plant it on cassio so that othello will then see it and it will become physical evidence for iagos plan what is iagos plan for the handkerchief
because iago put all of the jealous and bad thoughts about desdemona in his head and now he can not sleep well and can not stop thinking about it and his life would be better without have knowing it at all why does othello call iago a villian
he gives the liteunent job to iago, and he wants to kill desdemona and cassio, he is insanely jealous, insecure, and vulnerable what is othellos state of mind towards the end of secene three
insanity, jealousy, and lies what are some examples of character development during scene 3
cassio because he wants them to play for othello to get on his good side who brings in musicians and why
to go get emilia so he can then ask her to see desdemona what does cassio ask the clown to do
she likes and respects him and wants to help him get his job back what does emilia think about cassio
he tells iago to go send letters to the captain what does othello assign iago to do
he will be busy walking on fortifications what will othello be busy doing (scene two)
he wanted to incorporate the trust othello has in iago to show that iagos plan will most likely work out why did shakespeare add such a brief scene
it is a foreshadow what is the function of the short scene two