Othello act 3-5

Iago: “Sir, this gentlemanSteps in to Cassio, and_____ his pause” entreat
Iago:”this broken joint betweenyou and her husband _____ her to splinter” entreat
Cassio: “tell her there’sone Cassio ______s her a little favour of speech” entreat
Desdemona: “Tis as I should____ you wear your gloves” entreat
Iago: “My lord, I would I might _____your honour” entreat
Othello: “I do _____ that we may sup together” entreat
Othello: “That I would all my pilgrimage _____” Dilate
Emilia: “who wouldnot make her husband a _____ to make him amonarch?” cuckhold
Iago: “The meat it feeds on; that _____ lives in bliss” cuckhold
Othello: “I will chop her into messes: _____ me!” cuckhold
Iago: “With any strong or ______ importunity” vehement
Othello: “Of human dealings. If I do prove her _____” haggard
Emilia: “My _____ husband hath a hundred times” wayward
Iago: “And he does _____ with you” chide
Othello: “We say lie on her, whenthey____ her” belie
Emilia: “Thou dost_____ her, and thou art a devil” belie
Iago: “The _____ must have his quiet course” lethargy
Othello:”I’ll not______ with her” expostulate
Emilia: “Let heaven______ it with the serpent’s curse!” requiete
Othello: “The _____ wind that kisses all it meets” bawdy
Emilia: “The Moor’s abused by some most villanous ____,Some base notorious_____ , some scurvy fellow. knave
Roderigo:”Ay, and said nothing but what I protest _____ of doing” intendment
Desdemona:”It does ____ me now I speak the word” abhor
Desdemona:”But with such general of heaven” warranty
Othello: “O woman! thou dost stone my heart’ perjured
Roderigo: “I know his ___, ’tis he.–Villain, thou diest!” gait
Othello:”Thou teachest me. _____, your dear lies dead” minion
Emilia:”You told a lie, an ____, damned lie” odious
Othello:”And she did gratify his _____ works” amorous
lodovico:”Remains the ______ of this hellish villain” censure
Othello:”_____ unused to the melting mood,” albeit
Othello:”Where a ______and a turban’d Turk” malignant