Othello Act 3

Who does Casio wish to speak to? What does he want from her? Talk to Desdemona about getting his job back
What does Iago say he will do for Cassio? -get Desdemona alone
Why is it odd that Cassio says “I never knew/ A FLorentine more kind and honest” -talking about Iago-he is neither kind nor honest
Based on what Emilia says, why did Othello fire Cassio? -fought Montano, who is a very respectable and well known man in Cyprus
Is Othello against reinstating cassio? What does this say about His character? -no, but it must be the right time and place-easy influenced by those around him
What is ironic in Emilia’s statement, “I warrant it grieves my husband/ As if the cause were his” -Iago was the cause of the issues
Why does Cassio take off so quickly? How does Iago use that to his own advantage? -says he felt ill (Othello was coming)-it made Cassio look guilty
What is ironic about the line “Men should be what they see/ Or those that be not, would they might seem none!” -Iago said it-he is the one who seems honest and loyal, but is dishonest in every way -exact opposite of what he seems
What is the green-eyed monster? Is it strange that Emilia mentioned it earlier? What might hakespeare be saying? -jealousy
Why does Othello say he is not jealous? What does he say he will need if he does become suspicious? -desdemona is virtuous, and a good woman-doesn’t have proof
What does Iago remind Othello that Brabantio said? -desdemona deceived Brabantio, and will likely to the same to him
Iago is able to get Othello to begin to feel insecure. What does Othello say that shows us he is beginning to think about what Iago says? -questions his choice of marrying Desdemona
What about himself does Othello contemplate? What does that tell us? -his skin color, age, & poor speaking skills- how vulnerable and insecure he is
What does Emilia do next, and why? -takes the handkerchief, and shows it to Iago
What is important about this handkerchief according to Emilia? -the first thing Othello had given Desdemona
Why does Iago want the Handkerchief? What does emilia know of this plan right now? -wants to put it in Cassio’s room to make it look like he and Desdemona were in there together
What ocular proof does Iago suggest for Othello? -says he saw Cassio wipe his beard with the handkerchief
What is Iago’s sacred vow for which he kneels? -pt his mind, heart, and hands in Othello’s control-will do what Othello wants -will kill Cassio for Othello
What will happen within three days? -cassio will be killed
Why does Iago say “but let her live”? What is his desired reaction? -he wants to upset Othello and make him angry
What does Desdemona ironically say about Othello? Is this situational or dramatic irony? -noble, loving, true of mind-dramatic: audience knows how Othello is feeling towards Desdemona, she does not know he is mad at her
What is the origin of Othello’s handkerchief? -an egyptian woman gave it to Othello’s mother-Othello got it from his mother as she was dying
Is the handkerchief magic? What is the significance of what Othello says about it? -no-Othello wasn’t in his right mind when he was speaking
Why would Desdemona say she wishes she had never seen the handkerchief? -wouldn’t have to worry about the issues it’s causing
How is Desdemona digging her own grave as it were? -avoiding Othello’s questions about the handkerchief-continues to talk about Cassio
What does Cassio come to ask Desdemona? -for her to talk to Othello and get him his job back
How does Desdemona respond to Cassio? -says Othello is not himself
What does Iago say about Othello’s anger? -if he’s angry, it must be a big deal (doesn’t get angry often)
What does Desdemona believe is making Othello angry? -his job/ affairs of the state
Who is Bianca? -Cassio’s mistress
Why is Bianca angry with Cassio? -finds the handkerchief-thinks he’s having an affair-hasn’t seen him in a couple weeks
How does Othello respond after Desdemona’s continual bedding for Cassio? Becomes angry, annoyed, and jealous
Explain the irony of everyone considering Iago to be “honest” and “trustworthy” -Iago is the exact opposite of both of these characteristics
Describe the emotional cycle Othello experiences once Iago suggests Desdemona is cheating on him -okay/trusting/ wants proof-jealous-angry-wants to kill cassio & desdemona
Why must Iago take his time to convince Othello about Desdemona and Cassio? -needed proof-didn’t want his plan to fail by rushing it
Explain the importance of Desdemona’s handkerchief -it was the first thing Othello had given her
What role does Emilia play in Iago’s plot? Explain specifically -she finds the handkerchief and gives it to Iago-iago plants it in Cassio’s room to frame him
Explain Bianca’s role -Cassio gave her the handkerchief after finding it in his room