Othello Act 3

Why has Cassio brought the musicians to the castle? Trying to get good graces w Desdemona
Whom has Cassio come to see at the castle? Emilia
According to Emilia, what does Othello plan to do about Cassio’s situation? Is Cassio satisfied with this answer? He had no choice but to fire Cassio, but he plans to hire him back as soon as possible w/o an issue.No he is not, he wants Desdemona to defend him
Where will Othello be? (Scene 2) Taking a walk around citadel (increases chances of running into Desdemona and Cassio)
What do Emilia and Desdemona believe about Iago? They say Iago is as upset as if he was fired
Of what does Desdemona assure Cassio? Talk w Othello enough for him to get sick of her bringing up Cassio that he will rehire him`
What will Desdemona do if Othello is not fast to reinstate Cassio? Bring Cassio up with whatever chance she can
Whom did Desdemona call “honest” at the beginning of Scene 2? Can she really tell an honest face when she sees one? How might this be ironic? Saying Cassio always defends him when desdemona says something bad about him. She says he would come w Othello to win Desdemona over. Iago’s plan worked, so Desdemona can not tell an honest face.
What has Cassio done to show friendship to Othello? Backs up Othello when Desdemona says something bad
What does Othello promise Desdemona? He will deny her nothing. He won’t say no
What will happen if Othello loses his love for Desdemona? If he doesn’t love her, then chaos will come (foreshadow)
What does Iago ask Othello? Did Cassio know you were in love w her
What does Othello think of Iago? What would he think of Iago’s behavior, was he won’t so sure of Iago’s honesty? Thinks he is honest and full of love. He would think he is dishonest, disloyal, and he would think it was a trick
Is Iago really quilty of being “scattering and unsure” in his speech? No, he is intentionally trying to get Othello to have these thoughts; blames his nature.
What does Iago say about a person’s reputation or “good name”? How does this speech compare with his words to Cassio in Act 2, Scene iii, lines 268-274? Saying a rep is so important and if you ruin someone’s rep, then you are a bad person.He said a rep isn’t important bc they aren’t always correct
What is the “green-eyed monster”? What is the meat he feeds on? Jealousy; The jealous person
Is Othello a jealous person? Why won’t he doubt Desdemona? Says he isn’t jealous just bc his wife is full of good qualities but they make her better, don’t have to worry ab her kindness, and shows he is confident w her bc she chose him despite looks
What does Iago suggest is true of all Venetian women? Sneaky; avoid husbands to not get caught; talk too much and can’t be trusted
What “evidence” does Iago have Desdemona’s dishonesty? She did deceive her father when marrying Othello
What does Iago say might be a sign of “foul disproportion” in Desdemona? What does he say she might do? She passed up all the matches who would’ve made more sense w money and culture, instead opts for a guy whom her dad wouldn’t approve. Assumes she will change her mind
What does Iago advise Othello to do regarding Cassio? What should Othello watch for? Do not rehire Cassio for a while and what for what Desdemona has to say ab it and how Cassio will respond
What reasons does Othello have to think Desdemona is cheating on him? He doesn’t have the courtly manners, old, and from another place (black)
Why does Emilia steal the handkerchief? Iago wants it
Why’s the handkerchief important to Desdemona? It’s the first gift of love from Othello
What will Iago do with the handkerchief? He’s going to leave it at Cassio’s place
How has Othello already been affected by Iago’s poisonous words? All his accomplishments are meaningless; he wishes Iago wouldn’t have said anything
What does Othello demand from Iago? Proof he can see w his own eyes; threatens to kill him if wrong
How has Desdemona’s image changed in Othello’s mind? She was like a Diane (Roman goddess), now dirty
What kind of proof can Iago offer, if not direct “ocular proof”? Catching Cassio and Desdemona doing something
What does Iago claim he heard Cassio say? We have to hide our love Desdemona and talks about kissing her
What final piece of “evidence” convinces Othello of his wife’s infidelity? The handkerchief
What will Iago do for Othello? Kill Cassio within 3 days
How will Othello reward Iago? What will he do to Desdemona? Quick and painless way to get rid of Desdemona
What different meaning of “lie” does the clown play on? Telling the truth or telling a lie
Does Desdemona view Othello as jealous? Not by nature but the loss of the handkerchief might make him jealous
What does Othello say about Desdemona’s hand? Excess of generosity w herself, being too open, generous w her body
What magic charm does the handkerchief posses? What does Othello say will happen if the handkerchief is lost or given away? His moms – Egyptian woman; in order to ensure they would only love each other if lost husband will have a wandering eye
What dye was used on the handkerchief? mummified virgin dye
What does Desdemona think is the reason for Othello’s questioning? Avoiding subject of Cassio
What view does Emilia have of men? Women are something men hunger for and when they are done, they no longer need them
On what does Desdemona blame Othello’s odd behavior? Work related
What excuse does Cassio give for his long absence? What does he give to Bianca? Had a lot on his mind but will have it up to herGives her Desdemona’s handkerchief