Othello Act 2 vocabulary

discern Verb. To differentiate between two or more things.sentence: what from the cape can discern at sea?
surfeited Verb. fed or supplied to excessSentence: the child was surfeited to the point he puked.
Paradoxes Plural noun. Things that appear false or contradictory but are actually correctSentence: The children laughed as the actor in the movie fell, it was a paradox though because the actor fell by accident and the film caught it in the moment.
Mutiny Noun. Rebellion, revolt, or rebellion against constituted authority Sentence: in today’s society there is a mutiny about the black racial group and how they’re treated unfairly.
Lechery Noun. The act of indulging excessively in sexual activity or in lasciviousnessSentence: In the room, you could hear the lechery from the couple next door because the walls were thin.
Discretion Noun. The ability to act on ones own power of individual decisionSentence: the student used discretion to stand up for what was right.
Propriety Noun. Correct conductsentence: This sentence isn’t propriety.
Bestial Adjective. Brutal without reason, having the attributes of a savageSentence: The kids in my math class are extremely bestial
Enmesh Verb. To entangle Sentence: The hairspray I left in last night caused my hair to enmesh.
Dilatory Adjective. Delaying, slowSentence: Last week seemed so dilatory.