Othello Act 2 Scenes 1-3

What happened to the Turkish fleet? The Turkish fleet was destroyed due to a terrible storm at sea.
Iago continued to watch Desdemona communicate with Cassio at the dock. Why was he watching with such intent. When Cassio kissed Desdemona’s hand, although his actions were innocent – Iago started to devise a plan to bring down Othello.
Why does Iago think that Desdemona will lose love for Othello. Iago feels that Othello is “Black” (ugly) his manners, his appearance, and he is too old for her.
What announcement is made by the Herald Act 2 Scene 2 Othello announces that there will be a celebration for the defeat of the Turkish fleet and his marriage to Desdemona.
What is Othello’s opinion of Iago? “Iago is most honest.”
Why is Cassio reluctant to drink? Cassio already had one drink and does not hold alcohol well.
What does Iago ask Roderigo to do? Iago asks Iago to anger Cassio. He told him to use whatever means to make this happen. Insult his ability to be a soldier, etc.
What does Iago tell Montano about Michael Cassio, which is a lie. Iago shares with Montano that Cassio is an alcoholic.
Reluctantly, Iago tells Othello what happened. How does Othello react? Othello appreciates Iago’s honesty; he tells Cassio that although he loves him, Cassio is no longer an officer.
What advice does Iago give Cassio. Iago suggests that Cassio go to speak to Desdemona and have her speak to Othello on Cassio’s behalf.
Iago states “So will I turn her virtue into pitch; And out of her own goodness make the net. That shall enmesh them all. What is he saying? How will Iago accomplish this? Because Desdemona will try to help Cassio because she is good natured; he is going to use her efforts to ensnare Othello, Desdemona, and Cassio in a plan to their demise.
For Iago to continue the plan he has set in motion, what are the next steps. He will enlist his wife Emilia to speak to Desdemona about speaking highly of Cassio to Othello, and he wants Othello to see Desdemona and Cassio together.
Who is injured during at 2? This pertains to Cassio’s drunken fight. Roderigo is beaten up, and Montano is stabbed