Othello Act 2, scene 1 and 2!!!

The turkish fleet was destroyed. When cassio, Desdemona, Emilia, and Iago arrive safely at Cyprus what was happening to the Turkish fleet?
Anxiously How was Desdemona waiting for Othello to come?
They were having word play on the rolls of a women. What were Desdemona and Iago engaging in?
Yes! Were Othello and Desdemona very excited to see each other?
He persuaded Rodrigo that Desdemona was in love with Cassio and the Rodrigo should get Cassio dismissed from the meeting. Iago put his plan into action! Wha was his plan?
Proclamation and it said that everyone should celebrate. What did Harold read and what did it say?
Brave, good reputation. How did men describe Othello?
“The Divine Desdemona”. Cassio is promoting her verbally and she is well respected by him. How did Cassio describe Desdemona?
Only good for sex and also bearing children. What did I ago think of women?
he prayed to a god for othello safe arrival, What was Cassios allusion or apostrophe?
He reveals his love for Desdemona. What was othello 2nd soliloquy?
Iagos planto entrap cassio with the joyful purpose of celebration because only the audience knows this. What was the dramatic irony of Iagos plan?

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