Othello Act 2, Scene 1

What happened to the Turkish army? There was a strong storm that caused a lot of their ships to break and they had to abort their mission.
How is Othello viewed in Cyprus? How do you know? He’s very welcomed there because they know he’s a strong commander who will protect them.
How does Cassio feel about Othello? How do you know? Cassio seems to be very fond of Othello as well, for he works under him. Although he keeps hinting that Othello might not make it, which could foreshadow to something in the future.
How does Casio feel about Desdemona? How do you know? He finds Desdemona almost perfect as he says she’s God’s masterpiece.
Compare the way that Cassio greets Desdemona with the way Iago greets his own wife (Emilia)? Cassio is very respectful of Desdemona when she arrives and makes her feel welcomed while Iago starts complaining about how much she talks as soon as her name is mentioned by Cassio.
Outline Iago’s plan for Cassio. He can tell that Cassio’s into Desdemona, so he’s hoping that she’ll get tired of Othello (whose ugly and too old in Iago’s eyes) and move onto Cassio. He mentions that she fell in love with Othello’s “made-up” stories and that she’ll get tired of them eventually and move onto someone handsome. This will hopefully enrage Othello and lead to the punishment of Cassio.
What two things does Iago reveal in his final soliloquy? He reveals that he’s tricking Othello to trust him, but later this will all end up blowing up in his face and the second thing is that he likes Desdemona as well, but for revenge, not just lust and wants to sleep with her because he thinks Othello slept with Emilia.