Othello act 2 quiz

Cyprus Where does scene 1 take place?
1 week How much time has passed?
3 How many groups of ships are here?
Iago’s wife and desdemona’s friend Who is Amelia?
War over What’s the war status?
Montano Who is the governor of Cyprus?
Othello Who is Cassio worried about?
She is so beautiful that words can’t describe her What does Cassio tell the others about desdemona?
Fires one shot What does the ship do to signal that it’s friendly?
Tempest What happened to Cassius ship?
Desdemona’s beauty saved him Why does Cassio say he survived?
Kneel before desdemona What does Cassio make everyone do?
Othello Who does desdemona ask for right away?
Kisses her What does Cassio do to Amelia?
Chides him What does Amelia do to iago?
They use “womanly ways” to get what they want (sex, beauty…) What does iago say about women in general?
She plays along How does desdemona react to iago a comments
He watches them have a private moment What does iago watch happen between desdemona and Cassio?
Their private moment What is iago gonna use to remove Cassio?
Trumpets! What rings out?
Othello Who releases a romantic speech upon arriving?
String instruments What does iago compare desdemona and othello to?
Verbal irony When iago says “as honest as I am” what is this an example of?
Fetch his bags from the ship What does othello task roderigo with?
That desdemona really loves Cassio now What does iago tell roderigo?
Young, handsome, high ranking, immoral Why would desdemona fall for Cassio?
Older, lacks sympathy, ugly, stories are exaggerated Why would desdemona fall out of love with othello?
Greenminds/folly Lovers act irrationally based on youth
A “finder of occasion” Cassio is what when it comes to women?
Provoke Cassio to make him look bad What does iago want roderigo to do?
Rash and sudden What is one characteristic of Cassio?
Hit him What does iago want roderigo to allow Cassio to do to him
Healthy not lustful Why does iago believe in Cassio and desdemona’s relationship?
She’s a big part of his plan Why does iago love desdemona?
Believes othello and Amelia had an affair Why else does iago hate othello?
Roderigo Who is the trash of Venice?
Cassio Who else does iago think slept with Amelia?
To make othello so jealous he goes crazy What is iago plan?
Party for winning war and othello’s wedding What does the herald announce?
Bonfires, feasts, dancing What will the party have?
6 hours How long will the party be?