Othello Act 2

Who arrives on each ship, and in what order? Why didn’t they all come together? The readers learn that on the first ship, Cassio was on it. Then, on the second ship, Desdemona, Iago, Roderigo, and Emilia were on it. As for the last ship, Othello arrives with his entrepreneurs. The reason why they did not come altogether is because if all of them decided to board one ship, it gives the enemies—the Turks—a better shot of drowning all the high-ranking military officials.
What does the discussion between Desdemona and Emilia tell us about their relationship? The discussion between Desdemona and Emilia tells the reader that they both have a friendly relationship. Although Emilia is Desdemona’s servant, Desdemona treats Emilia as an equal as she does not see Emilia as someone lower than herself. Therefore, Desdemona and Emilia are both fond of each other.
How does Cassio greet Desdemona and Emilia? What does this reveal about his character? Cassio greets Desdemona and Emilia with great respect when they both reach land. He kisses their hands to show courtesy, as well as letting Desdemona and Emilia know that he is happy for their safe travel. It reveals Cassio’s character as a well-mannered man who is also very educated. His character is exhibited even more when Cassio speaks highly of Desdemona. Cassio also treats her like a queen because he is in awe of her.
Why does Iago verbally attack his wife? What does it reveal about their relationship? Iago verbally attacks his wife because he saw Cassio flirt and kiss his wife, Emilia. Iago then exclaims that if she—Emilia—could kiss Cassio on the lips, like how she uses her tongue to nag at her husband, Cassio would be quickly over her. The readers then learn that the relationship between Iago and Emilia’ love are not as strong as Desdemona and Othello’s love for each other. When Iago verbally attacked Emilia, the audience can grasp the idea that Iago may only think of Emilia as a person who uses her tongue to hound.
Briefly summarize Desdemona and Iago’s verbal exchange. What does this conversation reveal about their personalities? After Iago talks ill of his wife, Desdemona joins in by defending Emilia, and then asks Iago his opinion of women. When asked, Iago expresses his view that women are deceiving and hypocritical through racist and sexist jokes; that women are seen sweet in public, but are argumentative when in private. Iago adds on that women are nice when they hurt others, but once someone hurts them back, women become devils and are hateful. He also mentions that women are lax in the matters of housework, but shameless in bed. Through the racist and sexist slurs, it shows how much power men had during the late 1600’s. In this conversation, Iago is revealed as anti-feminist; he talks of women in a disrespectful way, showing no civility towards women at all. As for Desdemona, the readers learn that she can also jest bawdily with Iago’s opinion.
What is Iago’s plan and what evidence is he using to rationalize his plan? Iago’s plot is to strip Cassio of his position, Iago plans on getting Othello to believe that Cassio and his wife, Desdemona, are having an affair. In order for the plan to work, Iago goes over to convince Roderigo to create a quarrel with Cassio that evening by telling Roderigo of Cassio’s ill intentions. Roderigo eventually agrees on creating a dispute with Cassio; hence, Iago will not have to do the dirty work. The evidence that Iago plans on using to rationalize his plan is when Iago saw Cassio talk to Desdemona privately, whilst holding her hands.
What do you think keeps Roderigo from seeing the truth instead of Iago’s lies? I believe that Roderigo is blinded by his love for Desdemona to the see the lies that Iago is spitting out. As of the beginning, Iago has already failed in partnering the two together, yet Roderigo is too infatuated with Desdemona to see the truth; therefore, he still does not sever his ties with Iago. Iago also convinces Roderigo to believe in his promises. Iago tells Roderigo that Desdemona will eventually leave Othello—an old person—for someone much younger. Iago then persuades Roderigo that the youthful person will be him if he is patient. This really shows how much of a fool Roderigo is. Roderigo believes Iago after all the convincing, because I believe that Roderigo thinks that he will one day have Desdemona for himself.
Why does Iago want Cassio to drink more wine? What is the outcome of Cassio’s drinking? Iago wants Cassio to drink more wine because he wants Cassio to be a little drunk and argumentative when Roderigo approaches him later. After Iago got Cassio drunk, Iago tells Roderigo to go and create a dispute with Cassio. Then a few moments later, the audience sees that Cassio is sword-fighting with Roderigo, but then Montano steps in to tell Cassio to stop. Montano tells Cassio that he is acting this way because he is drunk, but Cassio denies and fights Montano. Eventually, the bell rings as Montano gets hurt from the sword fight. Then, Othello enters the scene. Iago eventually spills the truth slowly to pretend that he “cares” for Cassio. In the end, Iago claims that Cassio started it and Othello strips Cassio of his title.
How does Iago convince Cassio to drink more than he knows he should? What does this interaction reveal about each man? Iago convinces Cassio to drink more than he should by telling him to make a toast to Othello. Since Othello is a high-ranking official, Cassio had to agree to the commemoration out of loyalty. In this context, the audience learns that Cassio is a loyal man who would give a “toast” to the higher ranking title to show his mannerisms. As for Iago, the reader learns that Iago is a very intelligent man. He knows how to adapt to each person and he knows the right protocol at the right times.
What lies does Iago tell Montano about Cassio? Why might he does this? Iago tells Montano that Cassio is a wonderful soldier, but Iago fears that Cassio may have too much responsibility for someone with a serious drinking problem. Iago tells Montano that Cassio gets drunk every night, and he also casts a doubt on Othello’s judgement for appointing Cassio as lieutenant, who is currently drunk. Iago is telling Montano of Cassio’s alcoholic problems to get Montano to agree that Cassio is not fit for the position, and that Montano would eventually side with Iago instead of Cassio who is only problematic when drunk. In the end, Montano believes Iago and tells Iago that Othello should know of Cassio’s weakness.
Explain fully why Othello strips Cassio of his rank. Othello strips Cassio of his rank because of Cassio’s action while drinking excessively on duty. Cassio was told by Othello to keep watch of everyone and to maintain quiet environment for Othello and Desdemona. However, Cassio gets into a fight with Roderigo, which eventually, Montano, the governor of the island gets involved to stop Cassio, but ends up getting hurt. Due to Montano being injured, Othello decides to take away Cassio’s rank because he views Cassio as dishonorable and irresponsible, as well as it could too damage Othello’s reputation if he keeps Cassio on his side.
Why does Iago want Cassio to ask Desdemona for help in restoring Othello’s faith in Cassio? What does Iago tell Cassio to do to get back in Othello’s good graces? So that Desdemona will vouch for him with Othello. Iago wants Cassio to ask Desdemona for help because Iago believes that if he can get Cassio and Desdemona together, Othello would believe that his own wife is being unfaithful to him. Since he believes that the rumour of his wife, Emilia, could be true, Iago believes that such revenge is appropriate. Iago has no respect for Desdemona as he has no respect for women in general. Therefore, he plans to turn Desdemona’s virtue “black as pitch”. Iago tells Cassio to go and talk to Desdemona and ask her to convince Othello to give back Cassio’s rank.
How is Emilia’s drawn into Iago’s plan? Emilia is drawn into Iago’s plan because she will set up a time for Desdemona and Cassio’s meeting. Then, Emilia will tell her husband, Iago, of the time and place so that Iago can casually bring Othello to the area to see that his wife, Desdemona, is alone with Cassio.