othello act 2

how does the setting shift? it now takes place on the island of cyprus
who is montano and what does he do in the beginning of act 2? Cyprus’ governor and he and two other men watch the storm thinking the Turkish armada won’t survive it
what news does Montano receive? the Turkish fleet has sunk
what is Montano concerned of after hearing the news? Othello’s ship, which sailed into the same storm
who is on the first ship? Iago, Emilia, Desdemona, and Roderigo
what does Iago say to Desdemona and Cassio? all women are hypocrites, tricksters, and lazy
how does Iago plan to frame Cassio into losing his job? he sees Cassio holds Desdemona’s hand
when Othello arrives, what do Iago and Rodrigo talk about? Iago tells Rodrigo not to worry because Desdemona will get tired of Othello and will want a proper gentleman. he also tells him her second choice would be Cassio
what is Iago’s plan to disgrace Cassio? Iago convinces Rodrigo to start a fight with him so the commotion will disturb their Cypriote hosts
what does Iago reveal? he believes Othello slept with his wife Emilia and he wants to get even and sleep with Desdemona
what happens in scene 2? the herald announces there will be a party for the sinking of the Armada ships and his marriage to Desdemona
what job does Other give Cassio during the party? guard duty
what does Iago tell Cassio after Othello leaves? to have more wine and go get some party guests to join them
“I am glad on ‘t; he is a worthy governor.” Montano
“Let it not gall your patience, good Iago, / That I extend my manners; ‘t is my breeding / That give me this bold show of courtesy.” Cassio
“O gentle lady, do not put me to ‘t; / For I am nothing if not critical.” Iago
“‘Tis is here, but yet confused: / Knavery’s plain face is never seen till used.” Iago
“Good Michael… / Let’s teach ourselves that honourable stop, / Not to outsport discretion.” Othello
who is Bianca? Cassio’s jealous lover