Othello Act 2

Why did Iago want Roderigo to anger Cassio? Iago told Roderigo that if he could prove that Cassio is not disciplined, othello would then get involved and when the people see Cassio’s actions they will begin to lose trust in Othello for appointing this man.
What was the purpose of Iago’s plan? Iago wants to make Othello jealous, he wants to ruin othello’s relationship with Desdemona and ruin Othello all together.
Why did Iago want Cassio to drink more wine? Cassio tells him that he doesn’t drink often and can’t handle his alcohol, so Iago gives him more so Cassio will become drunk and argumentative and have lack of judgement.
What lie did Iago tell Montano about Cassio? he says that Cassio drinks every night and is a drunkard
Why did Othello strip Cassio of his rank? because of cassio’s actions, cassio was drunk and was fussing with roderigo and was chasing after him, roderigo got away and went and sounded the alarm so he ouldnt be found , and cassio goes after Montano because his judgement is off and he doesn’t know who he’s fighting or what he’s fighting about. Iago tells Othello what happened and othello strips Cassio of his rank bc he hears about how Cassio was acting and sees that he is irresponsible.
Why did Iago want Cassio to ask Desdemona for help in restoring Othello’s faith in Cassio? It would make Othello jealous to see Desdemona with Cassio and also if people started to see Cassio and Desdemona meeting and being together, it helps prove his theory of Desdemona’s affair with Cassio.