OTHELLO Act 1: Scene 3 Vocab

Affects Impulses
Aught Anything
Beguile To rob
Betimes Early
Bootless Useless
Breach A space between safe places
Comply To satisfy
Conjuration A spell
Consecrate To dedicate to
Dearest Most valuable
Defunct Extinguished
Direction Instructions
Disports Entertainments
Disproportion’d Inconsistent
Equivocal The same
Fond Stupid
Frank Obvious
Hitherto Therefore
Imminent About to be
Knavery Mischief
Overt Obvious
Pith Strength
Preposterously Ridiculously
Prithee Pray thee
Scant To give little attention to
Straight Right away
Visage The face
Vouch To swear
Wrought Made a change
*affects She had _________ of eating candy when she was hungry.
*aught Because Gina’s parents are extremely controlling, she doesn’t want to rely on them for _______.
*beguile The man was planning _________ the lady with the big fancy purse.
*betimes I went to bed __________ because I had a doctors appointment next morning.
*bootless She realized at last that her cries for help were ____________ and soon stopped screaming.
*breach He waited for her at the __________ during the chaos.
*comply It was his job to _________ to the King and Queen.
*conjuration The witch’s ________________ led to many demons being released on Halloween.
*consecrate After high school, the young men will _____________ their lives to the church and serve as missionaries for two years.
*dearest ‘Why, whatever is the matter, my ___________?’.
*defunct Though the car was ___________, he knew that with the right parts and some hard work he could restore it.
*direction I asked for the _____________ to build this furniture.
*disports But she does a magnificent job of observing him as he __________ himself in various clearings.
*disproportion’d Her faithfulness to her husband was ________________.
*Equivocal Their deep love for each other was _______________.
*fond He made a ______ mistake and immediately regretted it.
*frank It was ___________ the feelings that he felt for her.
*hitherto ____________, the job was done and it couldn’t be changed.
*imminent It was _____________ my first day back at school.
*knavery The boy stole from an elderly gentleman, assuring everyone around him of his __________.
*overt In some countries, racial prejudice is ________ and not disguised in the least.
*pith God granted me __________ and grace to love him.
*preposterously He _________________ answered her question, as if it was a joke.
*prithee I __________ that thou mayst unclasp thy heart to me.
*scants Mom was always __________ me and it bothers me so much.
*straight I wanted to eat __________ because I was starving.
*visage The model’s _________ earned her many cover photos.
*vouched He was a man who ___________ and had vulgar words to say.
*wroughted He ___________ his eating lifestyle to lose some weight