Othello Act 1 Scene 3

What is the Military problem in the beginning of Scene 3? Conflict is challenging the Venetian stronghold of Cyprus. There are also reports that Turkish ships are headed towards the island.
Brabantio announces what to Othello about Desdemona? He announces his grievance against Othello marrying his daughter.
How did Othello get Desdemona to marry him. By telling her stories, and did no wrong. Othello used to be friends with Brabantio and would tell him stories about his life, Desdemona listened it and loved Othello’s stories.
Once Desdemona comes in and confirms Othello’s word is Brabantio’s grievance denied? Yes, and Desdemona will stay with Othello.
Where does Othello have to go and who does Desdemona stay with while he is gone. He has to go to Cyprus to help with the conflict. She will stay with Iago until she can come to Cyprus to meet up with Othello
Why is Roderigo upset? Because Desdemona and Othello’s union was allowed to stand
Who goes after Desdemona? Roderigo because he liked her all along.
How does Iago reassure Rod. He tells him that Othello and Desdemona won’t last long and then she will want to be with him (rod)
What does Iago want to do? He wants to break up the couple.