othello act 1 quotes

I am not what I am. -iago to roderigo-talking about himself and othello after roderigo said he shouldnt follow othello-hes not what he seems to be (pretends he likes othello when he really uses for own gain)-shows iagos character and foreshadows
It seems not meet nor wholesome to my place/ To be produced, as if I stay I shall/ Against the Moor. -iago to roderigo-iago and roderigo told barbantio that desdemona is out with othello and barbantio is going to check-iago has to go because he doesnt want to get caught acting against othello-iago is sneaky
Fathers, from hence not to trust your daughter’s mindes/ By what you see them act. -barbantio to roderigo-barbantio found out desdemona is married to othello-fathers shouldnt base opinions/trust of daughters based on how they act bc they are decietful-theme of book.. foreshadowing othello and iago
By Janus, I think no. -iago to othello-othello asks if the person approaching is barbatino. it is cassio-“oh damn its not him” since he wanted it to be (fight)-shows iagos two faced nature
Good signior, you shall be more command with years/ Than with your weapons. -othello to brabantio -barbantio and men just drew their swords on othello-othello saying they shouldnt fight becuase barbantio has more power bc of his position and age (and hes too old to fight)-words will have more affect than duel
I think this tale would win my daughter too./ Good Barbantio,/ Take up this mangled matter at the best. -duke to brabantio -othello had just told the story of how him and desdemona fell in love-“othello would win over my daughter too, make the best of this”-othello is charming
So please your Grace, my Ancient,/ A man he is of honesty and trust./ To his conveyance I assign my wife. -othello to duke-duke said to leave an officer behind to bring stuff thats important to him to Cyprus-othello assigns iago to escort bc he thinks iagos honest and true-ironic because iago really hates him and is plotting against him
Your son-in-law is far more fair than black. -duke to brabantio -othello has just offered up iago to escort desdemona-othello is a good person which contradicts opinions about black people at the time-shakespeare feeds into stereotypes
Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see./ She has deceived her father, and may thee. -brabantio to othello-barbantio leaving-“desdemona tricked/and lied to me and she might do the same to you” (watch out)-iago uses this for his plan
Let us be conjunctive in our revenge against him. -iago to roderigo-roderigo sad after hearing desdemona and ohtello are married, iago cheering him up by saying he hates othello too-since they are both upset they should unite against him-makes roderigo feel included and trust iago, will listen to iago
The Moor is of a free and open nature/ That thinks men honest that but seem to be so,/ And will as tenderly be led by the nose/ As asses are. -iago (himself)-coming up with plan on how to “destroy” othello-othello is a genuine guy who trusts people who seem to be honest (@iago)-bad in good (othellos trusting nature makes him gullible)