Othello Act 1 questions/quotes

What kind of man does Othello seem to be? Would you want to put the safety of your country in his hands? Othello seems to be an honest person. Maybe.
In scene one, Iago, Roderigo and Brabantio all reveal their feelings about Othello. Why I Roderigo and Barbato hostile towards him? How does Iago’s hostility differ from that of the other two men? Othello tool Desdemona. Iago gets back at Othello.
How does a fellow react to Brabantio’s out rage over his marriage and to the argument between a Iago and Roderigo in scene 2? What do these actions reveal about a fellows character? Skipped
How does a fellow characterize himself in his first address to the Duke and the senators? Does his self-description seem accurate, from what you have seen and heard of him so far. explain. Othello thinks he’s rude at speech, but a good man. He’s a good speaker but he doesn’t think it.
At the end of scene 3, in lines 391-394, Iago ridiculous Othello for believing that others are honest just because they appear to be so. Some people might agree with Othello’s standard for judging the honesty of others. Do you agree with it? Why or why not? No. People lie and people can be fake
In addition to learning about Othello from his own words and actions, we learn about him to the opinions of other characters. What is the dukes in the senators opinion of Othello?What does Iago say privately about Othello’s character? Valiant, amazing, honest and all that
What account of his courtship of Desdemona does a Othello give the senators.? How does Desdemona describe her feelings for a Othello when she asks to accompany him to Cyprus? Othello uses pity in stories so Desdemona falls in love with him. She wants to be with him because she loves him, but she also has no other place to go.
Although Iago and Roderigo share a hatred of Othello, they are foils, or opposites, in many ways. How are their differences revealed in their dialogue near the end of scene three? Iago is a leader, two faced, manipulative and petty. Roderigo is gullible, love sick, suicidal and a follower
Through Iago’s soliloquies – – the speeches he makes when he is alone on stage we glimpse his true feelings and motives. What additional grievances against us cello does he wear of the year, and what plan does he have church, at the end of act one Iago thinks Othello is sleeping with his wife, Emilia. Iago wants Othello to think Casio is sleeping with Desdemona.
Scene one, lines 104-105 ” most gave her Brabantio, / in simple and pure so I come to you.” Roderigo, dramatic irony