Othello Act 1

Roderigo venetian gentlemen, in love w/ Desdemona and paying Iago to help him with her
Barbantio A senator, Desdemona’s father
Othello a noble Moor in service of the Venetian state
Iago his ensign, villian of play, dirties slyest guy ever
cassio Othello’s lieutenant
duke of venice
desdemona barbantio’s daughter and othello’s wife
what is the relationship between iago and roderigo roderigo has a crush on desdemona and pays iago to set them up even though iago knows that desdemona is othello’s girl
how does iago believe that ranks are chosen by nepetism and favoritism
why is iago angry at the beginning of scene one because cassio is second in rank and he believes he is more qualified than cassio
what is iago’s goal when deciding to serve under othello still to manipulate him to get what he wants
what is revealed about iago’s character when he says “I am not what i am” he is going to pretend too be on guy who he truly is not, snake
what do iago and roderigo tell barbantio that desdemona was stolen by othello
what imagery dodes iago used when telling barbantio derogatory language using animal imagery
when does most of act one scene 1 occur in venice at night
how does barbantio already know roderigo because he’s been hanging around trying to get desdemona
why does iago leave after barbantio is awoken b/c he would be in big trouble if othello found out he was there snitching
how does barbantio react when hearing about desdemona he is distraught and believes his daughter was put under a spell or witchcraft because she is so pure
what is one of the secret things that shaekspeare includes in this act and what does it reveal about the play othello and desdemona’s marriage, and it tells that the play will be full of lies since this was one of the very first things
what is the second secret thing that shaekspeare includes in this act and what does it reveal about the play the relationship between iago and roderigo that is not known to most people
why does shakespeare not put othellos in the first scene because he wants the reader to knonw how iago truly is and convey that othello appears to be the villain even though iago is truly the villain
what racial slurs have been made toward or about othello thick lips, black ram, and the animal imagery
where does most of act 1 scene two occur at the inn
what is ironic about barbantio finding out about the marriage that iago just told barbantio yet he is going to defend othello after setting him up
what does it mean when iago asks othello if he is fast married he is saying have you had sex yet in the marriage, and its important b/c he is saying if you haven’t, annull it b/c of barbantio knowing now
how does othellos response to iago reveal his own positive self image he isnt worried about barbantio b/c he truly loves desdemona
why does iago swear by janus b/c janus is the two faced roman god
what news does cassio deliver that the duke needs othello to come to a meeting something about cyprus
what are barbantios charges against othello he charges him for stealing his daughter and enchanting her with some spell
what military problem are the duke and senators faced with at the beginning of scenne 3 the turks are coming to invade cyprus
how is othello addressed by the first senator as valiant or brave
why does the duke send for desdemona b/c they want her to either defend or refute othello to her father
how has othello won the heart of desdemona she loved him for the dangers he survived, he loved her for her emotions, desdemona listened to him tell the story of his life to her father, and she listened and was so drawn to him
how does desdemonna respond when asked about her love for othello i feel loyal to you father, but i am most loyal to othello
what does the duke ask of othello he asked him to go to cyprus
why do both othello and desdemona plead for housing arrangements while othello is gone D- she married soldier and feels its her duty and she should go to war with himO-he wants her to come b/c she wants to
what are the final arrangements Desdemona goes with Iago and his wife to Cyprus.
what advice does barbantio give othello she deceived me and lied to me so you better watch out
in iago’s final speech of the scenen, the first hatchings of plot occur, what does he plan to do? he tells roderigo to buck up and that he is in control of his own garden, its just lustroderigo says hes going to kill himselfhe then tells him to sell his land and make as much $ as possible because desdemona and othello won’t last
what are the qualities of cassio and othello which will help iago iago herad a rumor that othellos slept with his wife (keep in the back of his mind to get revenge – even though it didn’t happen) –> iago is going to tell othello that cassio is getting too friendly with desdemona, which is believable because cassio is attractive
othello is ____________ written with no _________________ plot tightly/secondary
how long is thee play about 3-4 days
when was othello first performed 1604
what was special about venice it was the strongest sea power of the christian world, Cyprus was among its dominions
who was venice’s chief rivals the turks (muslim)
what did venetian law require that its commander in chief not be venetian
what is othello subtitled the moor of venice
who is othello in the play the tragic hero not the villain