Othello Act 1

Why does Iago not like Othello? He gave the position of lieutenant to someone else
Why does Rodrigo not like Othello? he stole his love, Desdemona
From what we’ve seen of Iago so far, describe his personality. Iago is an illusive person
From what we’ve seen from Rodrigo so far, describe his personality. Roderigo is very noble
Why do you think Iago wants Barbantio to hear about the marriage between Othello and Desdemona? What do you think he hopes will happen? Why does he leave before he sees what does occur? So Barbantio will throw charges and have Othello arrested. He leaves so that Barbantio doesn’t see him nor hear his voice.
How would you describe Othello based on how he reacts to the Duke’s messenger and Barbantio? he is a very important and respected man
What do you think the Duke will say in regards to Barbantio’s complaint? Why? he will say it is up to the married couple because, Othello needs to be at the war
Why do you think Barbantio believes that Othello used witchcraft to win his Daughter’s love? Because he thought his Daughter was loyal to him and wouldn’t leave him
How would you describe desdemona? She is a very smart character.
Why do you think Desdemona asks to go with Othello? So that she would be a part of one of the stories that she fell in love with
Why do you think the conversation between Iago and Roderigo is prose? To show that Rodrigo is not a very smart person
Why do you think Iago is able to convince Rodrigo so easily to help him cuckold Othello? Because Roderigo wants to be with Desdemona
By the end of Act I, Iago has given an additional reason for not liking Othello. What do you think is his primary reason for exacting revenge? Othello was rumored to have slept with his wife
What do you think Iago hopes to accomplish by setting up Othello? To get Cassio fired and become lieutenant
how do you think multiculturalism ties into this play? Othello is a person of darker skin. desdemona is a person of white skin. Them being married shows multiculturalism