Othello Act 1

Arithmetician (archaic definition) A mathematician
Bombast (archaic definition) High-sounding language with little meaning, used to impress people
Coursers (archaic definition) Horses
Deluding Misleading, deceiving
Epithites (archaic definition) Lazy, worthless vagrants (beggars/homeless)
Evades Avoids
Fadom A unit of length
Forsooth (archaic definition) In truth, certainly
Gennets Spanish horses
Homage Allegiance
Kindred (archaic definition) Relatives
Lascivious Sexual, lewd
Nonsuits (archaic definition) Rejects, refuses
Profess To admit
Provender (archaic definition) Feed for domestic animals
Purse (archaic definition) Money
Treason An act of disloyalty
Trifle To toy, to tease
Tupping (archaic definition) Having sex with someone
Carrack (archaic definition) A merchant ship
Circumscription Restriction, restraint
Forbear To hold back, to restrain oneself
Galleys Ships
Inquity An injustice
Palpable Evident
Prated (archaic definition) Chattered, babbled
Provulgate (archaic definition) To promulgate, to make public
Scurvy (archaic definition) Insulting
Sequent One after another
Unbonneted (archaic definition) Bare-headed
Accompt (archaic definition) An account, a reporting
Antres Caves
Assay (archaic definition) An effort
Composition (archaic definition) Consistency
Dilates To expand
Engluts Engulfs
Facile Simplistic
Injointed (archaic definition) Intersected
Mountebanks (archaic definition) Charlatans, quacks
Overt Explicit, clear
Pageant A show
Pliant (archaic definition) Suitable, favorable
Portance (archaic definition) Behavior, personal bearing
Reverend Honored
Unvarnish’d Plain, unembellished
Vouch To declare
How does Iago feel about Othello? He feels that Othello is an outsider, that he is a bad guy who is self centered and shouldn’t be respected by people
Why is Iago described as two faced? Iago talks bad about Othello and tries to plot against him meanwhile he pretends to respect him, be on his side, and be one of his followers.
Why is Iago mad at Othello? Othello gave another man the promotion he wanted just because the guy is book smart
Who’s house does Iago and Roderigo go to? Brabantio
Why does Iago and Roderigo go there? To tell Brabantio that his daughter Desdemona has run off with Othello
Why does Iago have Roderigo talk to Brabantio? If Iago talks to Brabantio that means Othello would find out that he basically led him to them and went against him and betrayed his trust
How does Brabantio first react when he is woken up? He thinks that they are mocking him or just fooling around
What finally makes Brabantio get out of his house? He discovers Desdemona is not anywhere to be found in the house
Othello described before he is seen in the story vs. after he’s in the story Othello is described as a bad, low tempered man in the beginning. Then when he is questioned and talked to by anyone he shows great respect and tries to keep peace between people.
What was the Duke of Venice’s response when he heard Brabantio and Othello’s stories? He thought that Brabantio shouldn’t be mad because Othello was not a bad guy and he could be trusted to care for her.
How does Brabantio feel towards Desdemona now? Brabantio wishes he never had a daughter and despises her
How did Desdemona and Othello fall in love? Brabantio used to be good friends with Othello so he often invited him over to hear his war stories and Desdemona would often listen in and when Othello noticed this and how she was mesmerized by the stories and felt sympathy for him he would go out with her and asked her to marry him
Describe what Roderigo said to Iago at the end of the act. What was Iago’s response? Roderigo confessed to Iago he will kill himself because he loves Desdemona and he doesn’t wanna go to the war with Othello when Desdemona is joining them. Iago mocks him and said don’t kill your self over a girl that’s stupid. Instead make lots of money and win her over.
After Roderigo leaves, what is Iago plotting in his soliloquy? Iago plans to take all the money Roderigo makes, and convince Othello and Roderigo that Desdemona had an affair with the gentleman Cassio