othello act 1

why is rodrigo mad? othello and desdemona eloped; he is in love with desdemona
why does iago hate othello? othello didn’t choose him to be lieutenant; gave job to michael cassio instead
why doesn’t iago think michael cassio should have gotten the job? 1. has no experience2. ladies man
why does iago think he should have gotten the job? 1. he got 3 recommendations (off-capped)2. he has experience, has fought with othello
what is iago’s status? “ancient”; lower than lieutenant
what does iago say about how the position was chosen in line 33? it’s about who you know, not about seniority
iago’s speech we cannot all be leaders, not all leaders should be followed
2 types of leaders 1. obedient, obsequies, kiss up, do above and beyond, get nothing out of life, are eventually fired2. act like the 1st type, seem dutious, keep “hearts attending on themselves”, end up rich
which type of person does iago admit to being? 2nd type; “i am not what i am”, not who he seems to be, can’t be trusted
foreshadowing on rodrigo about iago rodrigo thinks that iago being the 2nd type of leader does not include him
what do iago and rodrigo want to do to brabantion? plague him with flies
how does iago act toward brabantio about othello and his daughter? rude, says inappropriate things about his daughter; “making the beast with two backs”
why doesn’t brabantio want to see rodrigo? rodrigo has already come to his house because he’s in love with desdemona, brabantio already told him no
what is evident about iago when he is speaking to brabantio? he knows when to hold back, he pauses and doesn’t insult him because he’s from a higher class, doesn’t tell him his name (unlike rodrigo)
rodrigo’s speech respectful with word choice, tells information but still wants desdemona, apologizes to brabantio if he didn’t know she was eloping
in what way do iago and rodrigo speak about othello? racist
in what way do iago and rodrigo speak about othello? racist; “or else the devil will make a grandsire of you” (will have black grandchildren)
why does iago leave rodrigo alone with brabantio? he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s against othello
why does brabantio think that desdemona eloped with othello? under spell, drugged
what is the crime brabantio refers to (about eloping)? treason of the blood
what does brabantio realize he should have done? given desdemona to rodrigo, she wouldn’t have eloped (rodrigo is good guy, he will reward him)
what does iago say to othello about rodrigo? he should have stabbed him for speaking so poorly about othello, but he is too innocent to murder in such a way
why is othello confident? -the services he has done (worthy and accomplished)-his title (general)-his perfect soul (he loves desdemona)
what message does cassio deliver to othello? the duke needs him
why was brabantio so shocked that desdemona ran away/eloped? she was against marriage, had said no to other proposals in the past
what does shakespeare often use to end a dramatic scene? rhyming couplet
why is brabantio confident that the duke will side with him? they’re “brothers in state”
“if venice was truly civilized… these things wouldn’t happen”
where did they think they were going for the war? where were they actually going? rhodes; cyprus
how does brabantio describe his emotions? “drowning in sorrows”
who does the duke side with? what does he think they should do to the culprit? brabantio; “throw a book at him” (punish to full extent)
why weren’t the people happy with the decision to punish othello? they need him to go to cyprus as their leader
what disclaimer does othello put on his love story about desdemona? he doesn’t have a lot of experience with love/romance, he’s been fighting for 7 years, he’s a man of war not of peace, not a sweet talker; he’s confident in his love for her, but not as evidently in the way that he speaks about her
what does othello tell iago to go do? fetch desdemona; he’s confident that she will agree to the same story
what does othello offer if they find that he is lying about him and desdemona? his life
how did othello and desdemona fall in love? -brabantio has invited him to his house to tell stories (about slavery, natural disasters, fighting off cannibals, huge mountains, rocks, quarries, caves)-desdemona listened to othello’s stories (pitied him, was impressed, liked hearing them)-she would cry, give him world of kisses
what did desdemona hint to othello? if he had a friend that loved her, he should teach them how to tell his stories to woo her
who does desdemona choose? her father gave her life and education, respects him, but chooses othello (feels bad but now has a devotion to her husband)
what evidence does she use about her devotion? her mother’s devotion to her father
why is brabantio glad he doesn’t have any other children? he would become a tyrant to them because of desdemona’s behavior; he wishes she was adopted so he wouldn’t have to claim her as his own
what does the duke tell brabantio about his outlook? if he keeps fighting, more problems will occur; if he smiles, happiness will overcome grief
why is the duke trying to speed up the argument? they need to go fight in the war
how does brabantio use verbal irony? if we smile at the turks, they won’t take cyprus
what does othello initially agree to do? go to war, leave his wife behind, she must be taken care of properly
where does the duke suggest that desdemona stays while othello is away? at her father’s home
why do othello, desdemona, and brabantio say no to the duke’s idea? othello: wants desdemona to be protecteddesdemona: doesn’t want to upset her fatherbrabantio: he is mad at desdemona
why does desdemona want to go to war with othello? she fell in love with him because of his adventures; she is not a “moth of peace” (delicate woman)
how old is iago? 28
why does othello say yes to her idea? not for a lustful reason; he is not controlling, lets her do what she wants to do
what does othello promise the duke? having desdemona come with him will not affect his work as general
how is the duke racist toward othello? he calls him one of the better black men; he’s “almost as good as a white guy”
what does brabantio tell othello about desdemona? (foreshadowing) she betrayed her father, so she will betray him too
dramatic irony used by othello “honest iago” when asking him to take care of desdemona
what comparisons are made by iago when speaking to rodrigo? our bodies are gardens, our wills are our gardeners (we have control of our own fate); if you choose to play weeds, they’ll grow; if you plant good things, they’ll grow too
what does iago tell rodrigo to do? go to the war (not as soldier), use beard to disguise himself, “put money in your purse”
what does iago say about othello and desdemona to rodrigo? moors are fickle (othello will change his mind); desdemona is young and lustful, but will change her mind eventually; rodrigo will be there to pick up the pieces and get desdemona for himself
what does rodrigo decide to do? sell his land and belongings to get money
what does iago plan to do with rodrigo’s money? take it for himself
from his soliloquy, what is another reason that iago hates othello? he thinks that othello has an affair with his wife emilia
what is revealed about iago’s character? he doesn’t know if it’s true, but will act on it anyway
why will it be easier for iago to get revenge on othello? othello trusts him
what metaphor is used by iago to describe his plan? monstrous birth
what is iago’s plan for revenge on othello? he’s going to lie to him and tell him that cassio is having an affair with his wife (cassio is a ladies man)