Othello A Moor (African); a general of the city state pf Venice; falls in love and marries Desdemona
Iago Othello’s ensign (lower rank of soldier); works revenge on Cassio and Othello
Desdemona Married to Othello; daughter of Brabantio
Brabantio Venetian Senator; Desdemona’s father
Roderigo Venetian nobleman in love with Desdemona; pays Iago to court Desdemona on his behalf
Cassio Othello’s lieutenant
Emilia Desdemona’s lady-In-waiting; Iago’s wife
Why does Iago befriend Roderigo? They both want to et rid of Othello; he wanted to be in the higher position; he’s taking money from Roderigo
Why does Roderigo befriend Iago? Roderigo thinks Iago is helping him get Desdemona by passing him jewelry and money
According to Iago, he was better suited for a position than Michael Cassio because… He has never been into a battle
Why does Iago want to destroy Othello? He wanted the lieutenant position
Iago acknowledges that Othello will not be punished for his relationship with Desdemona. Why, They needed to protect Cyprus
Where is Othello? Why? At the Sagitarry Inn with Desdemona; they are eloping
Othello does not fear Brabantio’s wrath. Why? He knows he won’t get arrested because he is the general, has done a lot for the government of Venice
Cassio finds Othello to tell him the Duke has summoned him. What is the urgency of his message? Othello is needed to leave for the battle at Cyprus
Othello is confronted by Brabantio. How does Othello react? Othello acts calm, he knows Brabantio is Desdemona’s father and tells him they should go see the council to see what he decides
Wh won’t the Duke punish Othello? He had to go protect Cyprus against the Turks (Otto mites)
Why is the Duke already meeting with the senators when Othello and Brabantio arrive? They discuss the movement of the Turkish fleet
What reason does Othello give for Desdemona falling in love with him? He used to tell her stories (adventures, he used to be a slave) and Desdemona would listen to him; Othello fell in love with Desdemona because she pities him
What advice (proverb) does the Duke give Brabantio? If he can’t change something, he shouldn’t cry over it; move on; to let go of his anger about Desdemona’s decision
Where must Othello leave for tonight? Send him to find the Turks; Cyprus
Where will Desdemona go while Othello is at war? She is going with Othello to Cyprus
Who will take her there? Iago and his wife Emilia
How will Iago use Roderigo? He is going to take money from Roderigo
How will Iago use Cassio? He is going to tell Othello that Desdemona is unfaithful ; tells Othello that Cassio and Desdemona are having an “affair”
Pun Play on words/ joke with words (“agony of de feet”) ~defeat
Monologue Long speech spoken to other characters on state
Aside A remark made on stage that only the audience is supposed to hear
Dialogue Conversation of two or more people
Soliloquy A speech in which a character utters his thoughts aloud
Tragedy A play in which a main character suffers a major Downfall

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