Othello 4. i. (The Handkerchief)

Iago says sarcastically that Desdemona was only naked with her friend in bed an hour or more, not meaning any harm
Iago on the handkerchief ’tis hers, my lord; and being hers, she may, I think, bestow’t on any man
Iago ‘honour’ Her honour is an essence that’s not seen
exchange between Iago and Othello about Cassio’s adultery Lie- / With her? / With her, on her, what you will
Othello horned man = a man who’s been cheated on. CONTEXT: this alludes to the traditional image of a man being given horns to signify he is a ‘cuckold’ A horned man’s a monster and a beast
Iago on Othello’s jealously his unbookish jealousy must construe poor Cassio’s miles, gestures, and light behaviours quite in the wrong
Othello says he has a heart of stone my heart is turned to stone
Othello describing Desdemona as a ‘musician’ I do but say what she is: so delicate with her needle, an admirable musician – O, she will sing the savageness out of a bear – of so high and plenteous wit and intention
Iago and Othello on killing Desdemona Do it not with poison; strangle her in bed, even the bed she hath contaminated / Good, good! The justice of it pleases
Lodovico Is this the nature whom passion could not shake? whose solid virtue the shot of accident nor dart of chance could neither graze nor pierce?
Othello says Desdemona is an ‘admirable musician’ who: will sing the savageness out of a bear
Othello says the jumbled words “_” before falling to the ground in a fit. Is’t possible? Confess? handkerchief? O devil!