othello 4

what does iago do to torment othello into an epileptic fit he tells othello that desdemona and cassio are naked together
what happens to othello in a fit he shakes and is unaware of what happens around him
the proof that desdemona and cassio are intimate iago tells othello that the handkerchief was in cassio’s room
who is lodovico and why come to cyprus cousin of desdemona and to tell othello that cassio will run cyprus
the change in lodovico’s opinion of othello othello slapped desdemona
what does othello imply to emilia she is the mattress
what does othello call desdemona and to whom does she go to for help a ***** and she goes to iago
what does roderigo threaten to do and how does iago counter that threat roderigo threaten to kill iago and iago told roderigo to help him kill cassio
what do desdemona and emilia discuss as desdemona prepares for bed that desdemona is not safe
how do desdemona and emilia differ desdemona believes in loyalty and emilia believes in unfaithfulness to gain something
“work on my medicine work!” iago
“what did you mean by that same handkerchief you gave me?” bianca
“each drop she fall would prove a crocodile” othello
“my mother had a maid called barbary” desdemona
“who would make her husband a cuckold to make him a monarch?” emilia