Act 1 Scene 1 on the street of Venice, we have introduced Iago the protagonist and Roderigo more a less his sidekick. Iago talks about his vengeance upon Othello. Othello is the army general who has secretly married a politician’s daughter, Iago is mad because he didn’t get lieutenant and he thought he deserved that but it was taken away from a man called Michael Cassio. they talk about how he should get his revenge. He then tells the polotician that his wife has secretly married his daughter and they go and hunt Othello.
Act 1 Scene 2 Iago warns Othello that there might be a way that the government can break the marriage. Cassio has been sent to fetch him to an urgent meeting about the situation in Cyprus. Iago tells Cassio of Othello’s marriage. Brabantio’s party arrives; Brabantio threatens Othello with violence and accuses him of using sorcery to seduce Desdemona, his reasoning being that she would never marry Othello voluntarily. Brabantio calls for Othello’s arrest and imprisonment but cedes precedence to the Duke’s summons to the emergency meeting.
Act 1 scene 3 reports have come from Cyprus, calling attention a Turkish fleet. The reports differ in the size of the fleet, but all speak of the danger as the combined force has turned back toward Cyprus. Othello to lead the forces to defend Cyprus.Duke notices Brabantio, believes that his daughter has been corrupted with magic potions because, she would never willingly marry Othello. the Duke promises him support in a prosecution for witchcraft, a capital crime, against the man who has seduced his daughter, but Duke realizes its Othello and gives him a chance to explain.Othello describes his courtship of Desdemona in a dignified and persuasive speech (76-93 and 127-169). When Othello finishes speaking, Duke declares in favor of Othello: “I think this tale would win my daughter too” (170). Her loyalty is to her husband.Othello must go to Cyprus. Desdemona goes as well. delegates Iago to follow later in another ship. As Othello leaves. Brabantio warns Othello, “She has deceived her father and may thee” (289), but Othello is certain of Desdemona’s faithfulnessIago and Roderigo are left on stage. Roderigo is downcast and talks of drowning himself. Iago replies with scorn that such misery is silliness and convinces Roderigo to go to Cyprus and wait for Desdemona to come to him, as she will surely soon become bored with Othello. Iago, because he hates Othello, says he will help Roderigo have Desdemona and reminds Roderigo to bring plenty of money.Iago, alone on stage, considers the situation: He has consolidated his source of money, and he has heard a rumor that Othello has had sex with his wife, Emilia. Although he does not believe the rumor, he will act as though he does to feed his hatred. Also Iago will aim to get Cassio’s position of lieutenant, which he thinks should have come to him.
Act 2 Scene 1 Takes place in Cyprus, in the Venetian fortifications. Montano, Governor of Cyprus, awaits the arrival of the Venetian forces, delayed by a violent storm at sea. A messenger arrives with news that the Turkish fleet has been so damaged by the storm that it no longer threatens Cyprus. Cassio’s ship, followed by Desdemona’s ship, is the first Venetian ship to arrive. Othello finally arrives, triumphant, and he, Desdemona, and the others go into the fortress. Iago stays behind to tell Roderigo that Desdemona is in love with Cassio and convince him to pick a fight with Cassio to cause mutiny and have him removed. Iago plans to drive Othello mad.
Act 2 scene 2 The herald reads a proclamation declaring a night of general festivities to celebrate both the destruction of the Turkish fleet and Othello’s recent marriage.
Act 2 scene 3 Cassio, commanding the night watch during the time of feasting and drinking, takes his orders from Othello, who directs the soldiers to drink with moderation and keep the peace. Othello and Desdemona retire to bed first night they spend with each other.Iago starts a fight with Cassio and Roderigo, the rest of the crew joins in. Othello demands to know who started the fight. Othello relieves Cassio of his post on the spot. Then he and Desdemona return to bed.Iago advises Cassio to ask Desdemona to speak on his behalf with her husband. Cassio agrees, and Iago uses his wife, Emilia, to arrange a private meeting between Cassio and Desdemona.