Who is Desdemona’s father? Brabantio
What is Iagos complaint against Othello in scene 1? Othello promoted Cassio instead of Iago
What is Roderigos complaint against Othello? Roderigo is in love with Desdemona and Othello has eloped with her
Why do Iago and Roderigo wake Brabantio in the middle of the night? His daughter has just gotten married in secret
Brabantio complains to the Duke about Othello’s marriage to Desdemona. After listening to both sides,what is the Duke reply? He thinks Othello would win his daughter under the same circumstances and tells Brabantio to make the best of the situation
Who is in charge of escorting Desdemona to Cyprus? Iago
What best describes Iago? convincing
Where is act 1 set? Venice
What best paraphrase brabantios parting words to Othello? watch out she lied to me she may lie to you
Who said “the moor is of a free and open nature that thinks men honest that but seem to be so and will as tenderly be led by th nose as asses are”? Iago
What does Iago plan to tell Othello once they get to Cyprus? that Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair
Who said “virtue a fig tis in ouselves that we are thus or thus our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are our gardeners”? Iago
Who said ‘judge me the world it is not gross and since that guy has practiced on her without arms abused her delicate youth with drug minerals that we can motion I’ll have it disputed on his probable and palpable to thinking I therefore apprehend and do a tax fee for an abuser of the world a practice of arts and hibited and out of Warrant”? Brabantio
Who said “she loved me for the dangers i had passed and i loved her that she did pity them”? Othello
What first attracted Desdemona to Othello? the stories he told about his past
What is the outcome of the war with the Turks the war is over because the turkish fleet is deystroyed in the storm
Who does arrive at Cyprus with Desdemona? Iago, Roderick, and Emilia
Who is Emilia? Iago’s wife
Of what does Iago convince Roderick ? That Desdemona and Cassio are lusting for one another
Who said “you rise to play and go to bed to work”? Iago
What best summarize Iago view of women? deceptive, lusty, and manipulative
In act 2 scene 3 Iago encorages Cassio to drink alcohol
Whom does Cassio injure in drunken brawl? Montano
What lie did Iago tell Montano about Cassio? that Cassio has a drinking problem
What is the consequence of Cassio behavior in this scene? he gets fired from his job as Othello lieutenant
Why did Othello encourage Desdemona to help him get his job back? If Desdemona asks Othello to give Cassio his job back it will appear to Othello that she favors him
Who said “repeat Tatian repeat Tatian repeat Tatian oh I have lost my reputation I have lost be in mortal part of myself and what remains is the best deal my reputation”? Cassio
Who said “if I can fasten but one cup upon him with that which he had drunk tonight already he’ll be as full of coral and offense as my young mistress dog”? Iago
Who said “gentlemen let’s look to out business do not think gentlemen I am drunk this is my ancient this is my right hand and this is my left I am not drunk now I can stand well enough in speak well enough why very well then you must not think then that I am drunk”? Cassio
Who said” Cassio I love the but never more be officer of mine”? Othello
Desdemona promises Cassio that She will persistently talk to Othello about giving him his job back
IAGO REFERS TO JEALOUSLY AS the green eyed monster
how does Desdemona first lose her handkerchief? she tries to wrap it around Othello head and drops it
How does Iago acquire the handkerchief? Emilia gives it to him
What does Iago plan to do with the handkerchief? put it in Cassios chamber
In act 3 scene 3 Othello tells Iago that he wants proof of Desdemona infidelity
In act 3 scene 3 iago succeeds in making othello doubt Desdemona faithfulness to him
What does Cassio ask Bianca do to at the end of scene 4? makes a copy of Desdemona handkerchief
What is the pattern on Desdemona handkerchief strawberries
Othello makes Iago- his lieutenant
What is Bianca? Cassio lover
What is an example of evidence offered by Iago to Othello? Desdemona s unexplained absence the night before
Iago tells Othello that he has has been unable to sleep at night because- the fleet
Who said “if I do vow a friendship ill perform it to the last article my Lord shall never rest I’ll watch him tame and talk him out of patienge his bed something a school his board a shift with cassio therefore by Merry Cassio for the solicitor shall rather die than give die than give thy Cause way”? Desdemona
Who said “villian be sure thou prove my love a wh**** be sure of it give me the ocular proof or by the words of man’s Eternal Soul thou hadst been better have been born a dog can answer my naked wrath”? Othello
Othello believes they are talking about Desdemona but they are actually talking about- Emilia
Iago tells Roderigo that they must act quickly to get rid of Cassio because Othello is going to take Desdemona- Mauritania
What orders does Lodovico bring to othello From the Duke? Othello must leave Cyprus and leave Cassio in charge
During the fight at the beginning of act5, scene 1 and the ensuing chaos, who does not survive? Roderigo
Who does Cassio think stabbed him in the leg? He didn’t see and is unsure
Who actually stabbed Cassio in the leg? Iago
As Othello is standing above Desdemona, preparing to kill her, she awakens and he asks her a question. What does he ask? He ask if she has prayed
How does Othello kill Desdemona? He smothers her with a pillow
What does Desdemona say just before she dies? That she killed herself
How does Emilia die? Iago stabs her
What does Othello do after his final speech? Kills himself
Who said ” demand me nothing what you know you know from this time forth I will never speak a word”? Iago
Who was responsible for revealing Iagos Plot? Emilia
In the final scene, Gratiano reveals that who has died? Brabantio
Who speaks the final line in the play? Lodovico
Shakespeare was married to Anne Hathaway
Two years after the birth of his first daughter, Susanna, Shakespeare’s wife gave birth to twins named- Hamnet and Judith
In 1594, shakespeare became a charter member of a theatrical group called The Lord Chamberlain’s Men
How were actors looked at during Shakespeare’s time? They were looked down on,like beggars or hoboes
Why did London theaters close during 1592 to 1594? The plague was spreading through london
The traveling acting and companies of England would often set up their stages and performed or plays In the courtyard of inns
The theater where Shakespeare’s greatest players were performed was called The Globe
How did the theater get destroyed? An accidental fire started during a performance
What best describe the search used in Shakespeare’s plays? Simple and mostly bare
What was the upper stage of the rear of the stage called? The Heavans
How was it conveyed to the audience that a scene was set during night time? The actors carried torches
In Shakespeare’s time all actors were Male
A line of formal verse is usually divided into what are called “poetic _________” Feet
The verse in Shakespeare’s plays is written in Iambic pentameter
The archaic pronouns are thee/thou/thy/thine were used to address Someone familiar to the speaker or a servant
We celebrate a special birthday on the same day that he died . What date is that? April 23 1564
Word for a man whose wife is cheated on him Cuckled
Iagos position at the beginning of the play Ancient
This stage direction is used when a character is not speaking to the other characters on stage the other characters do not hear Aside
Iago claims Cassio _________ in his sleep Kissed him
She experienced character that comes out during moments of great tension in the play in order to provide some comic relief Clown
” So will i turn her ____________ into a pitch” virtue
Who is Desdemonas attendant? Emilia
Bianca’s profession courtesian
Emilia about men:”They eat us{women} hungerly and when they ______________us” belch
Cassios position at the beginning of the play lieutenant
Desdemona says she rather lose her purse of _______________ than lose her handkerchief. crusadoes
Familiar pronoun meaning “you” thee
After Cassio gets fired he is most upset about his reputation
Interjection meaning of “pray you” prithea
Othello says there is magic in the ___________of it web
Contraction of “it was” twas
Contraction for “it is” tis
Ironic term used to describe Iago honest
THe city Michael Cassio is orginally from Florence
Othello says he wont succumb to jealously until proof
What is a sign of amorous disposition? a moist hand