Roderigo accuses iago of doing what Taking money from him
Why did othello choose michael cassio to be his lietenant Pride
Why does Iago dislike Othello Because he didn’t give Iago the promotion
Iago uses people to get Money
Iago tells us in Act 1 Scene 1 that he is a Liar…… “I am not what I am”
Theme: Appearance vs. reality
Who said “what a full fortune does the thick lips owe if he can carry thus” and why is it bad to say? Roderigo said it and it’s bad because it is rascist
Old black ram is referred to Animal imagery of Othello
Iago is pure Evil
Who is Desdemona’s father Brabantio
Brabantio doesn’t like Roderigo
Roderigo describes othello and Desdemona as Animals
Light imagery describes Desdemona being white and clean
Dark imagery describes Othello being black and dirty
Brabantio says he will reward ——- with Desdemona Roderigo
Brabantio says he will never —— his daughter again Trust
Brabantio accuses Othello of using what? And why Magic. because Desdemona would never fall in love with anyone especially a black man
For if such action have passage free, bondslaves and pagans shall out statesmen be . Is a Rhyming couplet
Othello has been in war for how long Since he was 7 years old
Brabantio and Othello used to be —– Great friends
Desdemona gives who credit for everything she’s received in her life? Her father
Brabantio wishes what had happened to desdemona She was adopted
Desdemona was special to brabantio because She was his only child
The duke tells brabantio to …. Get over it and be happy for them
Iago isn’t a man of ….. Honestly and trust
Othello thinks Iago is a man of Honesty and trust
Iago is how old 28
Love makes men Less than human
Roderigo should disguise himself and do what Put money in his purse and go to Cyprus
Who wants to plot the death of roderigo Iago
Why does Iago want roderigo to die So he can take all his money
Iago says if your going to die how should you die? He says Wants Desdemona with him
Iago says he hangs out with Othello for …. His money
Iago says what rumor about Othello That he slept with his wife
What is the purpose of the storm -destroyed Turks …war is over -foreshadows evil that is going to come -separates everybody
What is a soliloque Character telling an audience about his/her internal feelings
One way Cassio shows he is a good man is when… He apologizes for kissing Emilia but he was just being a gentlemen
What does Desdemona ask Iago? What Cassio thinks of her
Iago tells Desdemona to use her Mind
Iago tells roderigo what lie? That Desdemona is in love with Cassio
Iago wants what from Othello? Desdemona
Iago attempts -get Cassio to say something off color -appear to be Cassio’s friend -get Cassio to fight -Cassio fights with montano
Iago tries doing what to Cassio and accomplishes it? Getting him drunk
Who says “if I can get him to drink one more cup he will start talking about Desdemona” …about who? Iago….about Cassio
Iago sings a song about who? King Stephen
What does the song about king Stephen predict? The future that tells us pride will pull Othello down
Cassio states what? That he is not drunk but he is due to his actions
Iago tells who that Cassio is an alcoholic Montano
Montano says that they shoutout tell Othello about whi Cassio
Who is Cassio fighting with Montano
Othello enters and asked Cassio what has happened. Why doesn’t Cassio answer He’s ashamed
Who is injured in act 2 Montano
Why does othello Fire Cassio To set an example
Who’s reputation is now gone Cassios
How is reputation to Iago? It’s often earned without earning it and lost without losing it. Reputation is worthless
Who says “if I had as many mouths as hydra, such an answer would stop them all” Cassio
Why does Cassio say “if I had as many mouths as hydra, such an answer would stop them all”? Because if he has as many moths as hydra such an answer would stop them all and make them leave
What is iagos advice to Cassio Getting his job back by going to Desdemona asking for Othello
Iago wants to destroy…. Good
What is good Desdemona
Iago states in act 2 that he is the Devil
In act 2 why is roderigo upset Because he wants to go back to Venice
What happens in act 3 Climax
What person tells Cassio not to listen to his friends advice because he’s lying The clown
Desdemona says “for thy solicitor shall rather die, than give away thy cause” which tells us what? She’s foreshadowing her own death
Why does Cassio leave in act 3 Embarrassed
Iago is trying to make Othello think Cassio is Guilty
Who really wants to see Cassio right now Desdemona.
Who doesn’t want Desdemona to see Cassio Othello
Who aided Othello with his relationship with Desdemona Cassio
What is the central conflict ? Desdemona and Othello staying together
What is the inciting incident Othello-every man Desdemona-good Iago-evil
What do we as an audience know Iago is evil
What demonstrates dramatic irony and situational irony about this quote: “if men lie, they aren’t men” which is said by Iago Dramatic-We know he is a man that’s not honest Situational- pretty much calling himself unmanly
Iago says when he’s jealous he does what Lies
Jealousy = Less than human
What does Othello say about Desdemona? That she had eyes to marry him and he’s wondering why she married him if she’d cheat on him
Iago tells Othello to watch what His wife’s actions with Cassio
Iago says that she deceived her father and she’ll …. Decieve you
Othello is ——– and Iago is continuing to ——- Change ….. Manipulate
Othello states what three things about why Desdemona married him… Old Black Lower class
Why does Othello have pain in his forehead but not in his heart in act 3 It’s in his mind-thought problem .He knows his heart would tell him to choose Desdemona
What does Othello demand from Iago Proof
What does Othello call Desdemona that is very hurtful A *****
Who does Othello believe Iago
What “proof” does Iago give him That he saw Cassio wipe his beard with his handkerchief he gave Desdemona
Way climax happens: -“now do I see it’s true” – Othello
Way climax happens: -blows love away
Way climax happens: -kneels…. Ceremony
Way climax happens: -calls Desdemona evil
Way climax happens: -calls for death of Cassio and Desdemona
-Iago is now lieutenant
Othello is now Changed
What has Come Chaos
What has taken loves place Hatred
Why does Othello tell Desdemona that her hand is moist To make her nervous
What does Desdemona say after he calls her hand moist It was this moist hand that gave always my heart
What is the tale about the handkerchief An Egyptian sorcerer gave it to othellos mother
Othello demands….. The handkerchief
Othello is now a Liar
What does Desdemona say after Othello asks for his handkerchief She asks for Cassio
Why is Iago angry Bc Othello is angry
Who is Bianca A women that Cassio has a relationship with
” Jealous people are jealous because they’re insecure” said by …. Emilia
What does huberous mean Excessive pride
Iago says he heard/saw something and Othello reacts by …. Passing out
Iago talks with Cassio and tells Othello to listen to them while they’re actually talking about Bianca but Othello thinks they’re talking about …. Desdemona.
Bianca’s husband is Cassio
What are Iago and Othello planning To kill Desdemona.
Who is lodovico Messanger from Venice
Lodovico has news from Venice that makes Othello have to ….. Leave to Venice
What does Othello do to Desdemona in act 4 Hits her
Who notices change in Othello Lodovico
Iago lies about -roderigo-Othello -Cassio -about Desdemona
What does Iago want to do to all the people he lied to? Why Kill them so they don’t say the truth
Who does Othello ask if she’s seen anything Emilia
Othellos ……..is hurt more than his …….. Pride Love
Othello wishes that Desdemona was never Born
Othello throwing money represents him calling Desdemona a *****
Who does Desdemona blame for these actions Herself
Desdemona wants whoever that said bad about her to be Forgiven
Emilia says that whoever lied about Desdemona should … Go to hell.
Who wants to go get the jewels back from Desdemona Roderigo
…… and ……. Are planning on kill ping Cassio Roderigo and Iago
Desdemonas dad is Dead
Desdemona doesn’t believe why women cheat on there husbands
In act 5 what are roderigo and Iago talking about Killing Cassio
What happens to roderigo He gets wounded by Cassio
What happens to Cassio Iago stabs him in his leg
What does Othello do to Desdemona He smothers her until he believes she is dead
What act does Desdemona die in Act 5
Who first discovers Desdemonas body Emilia
Who’s arms does Desdemona die in Emilia’s
Who kills Emilia Iago
Where does she want to be placed since she is dying Next to Desdemona
Who wounds Iago Othello
What does Othello do before he kills himself Repents and apologizes to Cassio
How does Othello die He kills himself
Who is the last person to die in this story Iago
Where does the play first begin Venice
Where does the palay continue? Cyprus …..island