What is the nickname of Shakespeare? The Bard
William Shakespeare background 1564 in Englandestablish professionally by early 1590s in theater worldbecame playwrightdied in 1616
What is the acting company in which Shakespeare became a playwright, actor, and shareholder? The King’s Men
In what year did Shakespeare’s company build the Globe? 1599
How many plays did Shakespeare write? 37 plays and 154 sonnets
In 1642, English Parliament issued ordinance suppressing all plays Globe Theater
What is the area at the base of the stage called? The pit, which holds the groundings
What did all of Shakespeare’s tragedies end with? Death of the protagonist
Shakespearean Tragedy drama of a significant person who, because of a flaw in his character, experiences a fall that leads to suffering and death the whole experience produces pity and fear in the audience
Drama there is ACTION of a serious magnitude involving a number of people interacting on stage
Significant Person High-standing and noble character, better than regular people; usually king or prince
Tragic Flaw problem or imperfection that causes the main character that causes their death; sometimes it is what makes them exceptional
Tragic Fall tragic hero falls by dying but also falls in the sense that there is a sense of waste
What is the pity and fear in Shakespearean tragedy? We identify with the hero; fear these things could happen to us
In what countries does Othello take place? Venice (northern Italy) and Cyprus (island in the eastern Mediterranean about forty miles south of present-day Turkey)
Othello general of the armies of Venicediscriminated against because he is a foreigner and he is blackcalled a moor
Moor inhabitants of North Africa, but the term was sometimes applied to Africans from other regions
What is the central conflict of Othello? -Roderigo wants to marry Desdemona -Othello has secretly married Desdemona instead-Iago pretends to be Othello’s friend yet actually despises him because he was passed over for a military promotion-Iago is determined to get his revenge by manipulating Othello’s one weakness (Desdemona)
Aside a comment made by a character on stage, not heard by other characters, just the audience; meant to represent the character’s thoughts
Soliloquy a group of lines spoken by a single character who is alone on stage/out of earshot of other characters; usually depicts a character’s inner conflict
Bianca prostitute in Cyprusin love with Cassio
Brabantio senator in Venicefather to Desdemona
Lodovico uncle of Desdemonabrings letters from Venice to Cyrpus
Montano governer of Cyprus before Othello’s arrival
Gratiano kinsman of Brabantioaccompanies Lodovico from Venice to Cyprus
Clown Othello’s fool/servanthis language reflects Othello’s own
What are the themes in Othello? Prejudiceappearance vs realityjealousymanhood and honorrole of women in society
What symbolism does the handkerchief have? romantic favor/love token
What symbolism do the animals have? used to describe Othellodefines a person as “less than human”
Why is Roderigo angry with Iago? Roderigo is angry with Iago because he has been paying to help him get Desdemona, but has seen no results and now finds out that Desdemona is married to Othello
Why does Iago say “Go ahead and despise me if I don’t hate him” He is reassuring Roderigo that they are both on the same side
Who has Othello promoted to lieutenant? Othello has appointed Michael Cassio to lieutenant
Why does Iago remain in the military under Othello’s leadership? Iago remains in the military under Othello’s leadership to take advantage of him. He is just looking our for himself. Only does things that serve him.
Why do Iago and Roderigo call Othello racist, derogatory names? He is foreign. They call him derogatory names because they are mad at him because Othello did not give Iago the promotion
For what reason do they call on Brabantio? To tell him that there is a theif who stole his daughter. Want them to get Brabantio to Annul the marriage
Why is Brabantio angry over Desdemona and Othello’s marriage? Brabantio is angry over their marriage because he did not above of the marriage and because Othello is black
Why is Roderigo upset over the marriage? Roderigo was paying to have Desdemona’s hand in marrriage, but Desdemona just married Othello
In the beginning of the scene, in what ways is Iago scheming against Othello? Iago is scheming against Othello by Iago telling Brabantio that she is married to a black man. Iago also pretend to respect Othello in order to get knowledge regarding Othello to Roderigo
Why is Othello unaffected by Brabantio’s potential threats regarding the marriage to his daughter? Othello is unaffected by the potential threats because right now, he needs to focus onthe matters of war that the Duke of Venice has asked him to be a part of. Also, Othello knows that the Duke of Venice will side with him in any case if he is arrested and put onto trial.
According to Brabantio, why has Desdemona married Othello? According to Brabantio, Desdemona has married Othello because she was put under a spell by Othello
Why does Othello refuse to fight? Othello refuses to fight because he knows that the Duke of Venice is on his side, and he will not get in trouble.
What confusion is there regarding the destination of the Turkish fleets? The Duke and the 2nd senator said that the Turks were going to Cyprus, but then someone else came and said that the Turks will be heading to Rhodes to attack. Then they said that the Turks are going to Cyprus again, but now with another fleet. The Venetians and the Turks are both fighting over Cyprus, which the Venetians currently are under control of.
What do the Senators and the Duke think of Othello? The Senators and the Duke think very highly of Othello, calling him brave. They tell Othello that they need to send him to fight the Turks right away.
What physical weakness does Othello claim to have? Othello claims to be awkward in his speech and is not a smooth talker.
According to Othello, how will this matter be solved? Othello calls for Desdemona and she tells her story, explaining to her father that she fell in love with Othello and will choose him over her father.
Explain how Desdemona came to fall in love with Othello? Desdemona fell in love with the stories of Othello’s adventures in which he was brave
Why did Othello fall in love with Desdemona? He fell in love with her because she felt a deep, emotional connection to his stories.
Explain the meaning of Duke’s quote: “Men will use their broken weapons rather than their bare hands.” At this point, Desdemona has not come in but Othello has explained his side of the situation. The Duke says that at this point it sounds like men are never willing to admit defeat, and that sometimes you can use your weakness to manipulate a person’s pity. Men will hurt themselves by fighting with these “broken weapons” and end up hurting themselves.
Explain Desdemona’s response Desdemona’s response is that she left her father just like her mother left her father because she is genuinely in love with Othello
What advice does the Duke give Brabantio with his proverb? The Duke tells Brabantio that if he can’t change something, that he shouldn’t cry about it. Accept defeat and move on, do not dwell on the past because you will live your live in misery.
Why must Othello return to war with the Turks? The Venetians are being threatened by the Turkish fleets, and they need Othello who is the best general, to fight
Where will Desdemona live while Othello is away? The Duke says that Desdemona should stay with her father, which is quickly rejected. Desdemona wants to go with Othello, but ends up staying with Iago and Emilia. They will meet Othello in Cyprus.
With whom does Othello leave Desdemona until she can join him? Desdemona is left with Iago and his wife Emilia.
In the end how does Brabantio feel about his daughter? He knows that Desdemona was not tricked so he is calming down and accepting it. At the same time he is still bitter over it
Explain Iago’s belief regarding human’s ability to choose who we are and how we feel. Iago says that we control our emotion and our fate
Why does Iago continue telling Roderigo to fill his pockets with money? He says that Roderigo can win her over with gifts. He keeps telling Roderigo to fill his pockets with money because he wants Roderigo to follow Othello and Desdemona out to Cyrpus so he can go and win over Desdemona
The truth comes out! What is yet another reason why Iago hates Othello? Iago hates Othello because he has heard rumors that Othello has slept with his wife, Emilia
Explain Iago’s plan of revenge against Othello. Iago says that he will convince Othello that Cassio is having an affair with Desdemona, in order to try and receive the lieutenant position. He says he will kill two birds with one stone.
How were the Turks defeated? Their ships were wrecked at sea.
Why didn’t Othello return at the same time Cassio did? The harsh weather conditions set Othello’s ship behind and no one knew if he was going to return
What gestures of respect does Cassio show Desdemona that Iago says he can later use against Cassio? What others are there even as the scene continues? Cassio grabs Desdemona’s hand. Cassio and Desdemona engage in conversation and he pulls her aside.
In this scene, Iago makes a comment that is actually insulting towards Emilia’s personality. What does he say about her? Iago tells Cassio that is Emilia bothered him as much as he bothered Iago, Cassio wouldn’t want to kiss her. Iago said that Emilia is a chatterbox and is only good for sex.
Why does Desdemona continue the banter with Iago despite his harsh words? Desdemona thinks she is nothing like these women and wants Iago to compliment her. She is amused by this conversation.
What is ironic about the things Iago says to Desdemona? Iago says that all women are the same, even though they are many different types of women.
Until this point, Iago has not actually told a direct lie. What blatant lie does he finally tell? The lie that Iago tells is that Desdemona loves Cassio.
Iago begrudgingly compliments Othello. Cite the line and explain the significance of this admittance/ “Is of a constant, loving, and noble nature”Iago says that Othello is loving and noble, and a good husband. If Iago is saying this, it must be true.
Why does Iago say that he loves Desdemona/ He says that he loves Desdemona because he wants to sleep with her and is mad at Othello and wants to get revenge for Othello and Cassio sleeping with his wife.
What do we know about Iago’s plan thus far? Iago will make it look like Cassio and Desdemona slept together. This will ruin their marriage and Cassio’s reputation. Iago tells Roderigo to start a fight with Cassio because he has a quick temper. This temper will make Cassio look guilty
What two reasons are given for celebration? They’re celebrating Othello’s recent marriage and the annihilation of the Turkish fleet
What do you think is the significance of including this scene? What bigger picture is it adding to? How does it contribute to the play? Despite its brevity, Shakespeare put in for a reason; what might that reason be? Othello is blissfully ignorant at this point. He is throwing a party and thinks all is well. As the audience, we know Iago’s plan. THe point of the party is to toast to happiness and long life, but they will in fact not have this and it will all come crumbling down in a short amount of time
What is Othello’s opinion of Iago? Othello things highly of Iago, calling him a good man. He believes that he is brave and honorable.
Why is Cassio reluctant to drunk? Cassio is not a drinker, and wishes there was less social pressure to drink. He gets drunk very easily. Iago persuades him and he finally agrees because he doesn’t want to insult the soldiers.
How does Iago, in one line, praise and condemn Cassio? Iago says that Cassio is a soldier so strong that he could save Caesar, but the fact that he is now an alcoholic is a downfall to his character.
Iago tells Roderigo to provoke Cassio, and he does. When Montano and Cassio start fighting, Roderigo rings the bell. Othello angrily tells them to stop. What does Othello say to Iago? Othello wants to know what happened and Iago doesn’t want to tell because he is a “good man” but in the end reveals that this alteration was Cassio’s fault.
After not getting a straight answer from anyone, Othello says “My blood begins my sager guides to rule, and passion, having my best judgement collied, assays to lead the way.” What is Othello saying here, and what does he threaten? Othello is getting really frustrated because no one will tell him what happened between Cassio and Roderigo. Here, he’s saying that his anger is starting to overrule his common sense, and if someone doesnt tell him what happened, his anger will cause him to make decisions that may not be rational and everyone will suffer (life firing all of them).
How does Othello change here from his earlier temperament? How is this ominous? Othello changes from his earlier temperament because he was content before and he went off to bed with his wife, but he was woken up by a fight. He is frazzled by this event because people he cares about are involved.
Reluctantly, Iago tells Othello what happened. How is Othello’s reaction exactly what Iago was hoping for? When Iago tells the story reluctantly, Othello notices, and comes to the false conclusion that Iago is just trying to be a good friend. he therefore realizes that Cassio was the problem in the drunken fight. This is exactly what Iago was hoping for because he wanted to look like a good friend, but really he was just trying to get Cassio out of office so he would have Cassio’s position. This way, he is able to carry out his plan a lot easier because he had Othello on his side.
What advice does Iago give Cassio? Iago tells Cassio that in order to have a better shot at regaining his job, he should talk to Desdemona. Iago says that if Cassio persuades Desdemona that he should have his job back, she will tell Othello and because Othello loves Desdemona so much, he will do whatever she asks of him.
In Iago’s soliloquy, he states ” So will I turn her virtue into pitch;/ And out of her own goodness make the net/ That shall enmesh them all. ” What is he saying, and how does he plan to accomplish this goal?” Iago says that he will use Desdemona’s generosity to provoke Othello’s jealousy and get everyone else angry. Iago wants to get Desdemona to be kind to Cassio, since he lost his position and he will want to get it back. Then he will tell Othello that Cassio and Desdemona are having an “affair”, and ultimately Othello will divorce Desdemona and Iago will gain the lieutenant position.
In Roderigo’s speech, do you find him pitiable, comal, or something else? In the speech, Roderigo is looked at with pity. He is complaining that he has lost all his money and there is no point of him continuing. Here, the audience is a little sympathetic because he is losing so much for the sake of Desdemona, even though it is not working. All this in mind, we know that Roderigo’s actions do not have good intention
At the end of this scene, what are the next two moves Iago has planned? He is going to have a meeting set up between Desdemona and Cassio and then bring Othello there at the right time in order for him to see the two of them
Why does Cassio pay money to the clown to find Emilia? Cassio pays the clown to go find Emilia so that he can ask her to talk to Desdemona.
What does Emilia tell Cassio? Emilia tells Cassio that Othello and Desdemona have been talking about his situation. She tells him that Desdemona has been speaking strongly in his favor but Othello told Desdemona that because Montano is so powerful he can’t simply give Cassio his job back. Othello also told Desdemona that he loves Cassio and he is looking for an opportunity to reinstate him.
At this point, how could Cassio upset Iago’s plan? Cassio could listen to Emilia’s wife and be patient in waiting for Othello to come around. Cassio does not do this and wants his reputation back quickly so he insists on talking to Desdemona.
Is Emilia part of Iago’s plot, or does she truly believe that Iago is saddened by what happened to Cassio? Emilia is part of Iago’s plot without knowing herself that she is a part of it. He is using her to get Desdemona and Cassio together, but she does not realize that this is a part of a plan to take down Cassio and Desdemona. She is saddened by what happened to Cassio and wants to help him in any way he can.
Cassio knows that he is going to get his job back, but what is he still worried about? He is worried about his reputation and honor. His concern is about how people are going to veiw him.
What are the two reasons why Desdemona agrees to plead Cassio’s case? Desdemona agrees to plead Cassio’s case because she knows that he is a good man and she knows how much Othello loves him. She thinks she will be doing a favor to the both of them by reuniting them.
What is Iago referring to when he says, “Ha! I like not that.” Iago is insinuation that something is happening between Desdemona and Cassio.
Desdemona pleads Cassio’s case, and Othello agrees to reinstate him. What happens next? Othello asks for time to himself. He wants to be alone for awhile.
After Othello repeatedly urges Iago to tell him what’s on his mind, Iago says “O, beware, my lord, or jealousy;/ It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock/ That meat it feeds on.” What is Othello’s response? Othello immediately becomes insecure.
What does Iago say about the women of Venice? He says that they are worthless and refers to them as “trash”. He says that they let the gods see things they wouldn’t show their husbands,
Why might Othello be inclined to believe this, or at least, not dismiss it immediately? At this point in time, Othello trusts Iago. Othello has not yet heard any other sides of the story, and Desdemona has been seen with Cassio previously. In addition, Desdemona has deceived her father before.
Desdemona’s handkerchief becomes very important. Why did Desdemona produce it? What happens to it? What does Emilia plan to do with it? Finally, who gets it, and what is to be done with it? Desdemona takes out the handkerchief to wipe the sweat from Othello’s brow and he swats it away. It falls to the floor and Emilia picks it up and gives it to Iago who snatches it up quickly.
Othello returns and is quite upset. What warning does he give Iago? Iago says that some men are not to be trusted and they are not what they seem all the time. iago is saying that Cassio may seem like he’s honest, but he could be not. This helps Iago’s plan to deceive Othello
What proof of Desdemona’s disloyalty does Iago give to Othello? Iago tells Othello that he and Cassio were sleeping in the same bed one night where Cassio was having romantic dreams about Desdemona.
What is Iago’s final proof? Iago asks Othello about the handkerchief and tells Othello that he saw Cassio wiping his face with it.
At this point, what is Othello’s mood? Othello is distraught over the thought of Desdemona cheating on him with Cassio. He would rather she have had sex with his entire army instead of Cassio. He is still very much in love with her. He says that he is going to tear Desdemona to pieces.
Othello makes Iago his lieutenant. What job does he give Iago? Othello wants Iago to kill Cassio in three days.
What does Desdemona not want to admit to Othello that she lost the handkerchief he gave her? Desdemona knows how much this handkerchief means to him and knows that is she admits to losing it Othello will never forgive her. Othello already knows that it is missing.
Why does Othello demand to see the handkerchief even though he knows Desdemona does not have it? Othello demands to see the handkerchief because he wants to prove what Iago told him was true, Cassio had the handkerchief. Othello wants to know if she is honest or not.
When Cassio asks Desdemona about his case with Othello, what does she tell him? Desdemona tells Cassio that she’ll talk to Othello another time, since he’s not in a good mood. She advises Cassio to be patient.
What point does Emilia make about men and their behavior? Emilia says that all men are fickle and they never know what they want. She also says men eat women up, use them, and then thrown them away when they are done with them
What does Desdemona think the cause of Othello’s anger is? Desdemona thinks that Othello is making a big deal out of the handkerchief because of all the things happening with Cassio and everyone else.
What point does Emilia make about Othello’s anger? Emilia thinks that Othello is jealous. She also states that like a hungry person, men like to “get rid” of their women when they are full.
How does Iago act in this scene? Iago continues to control all the people in the scene and make sure that they acted according to his plan whilst everyone remains clueless.He plays both sides in order to get on the good side of each character.
What are the two reasons why Bianca is upset with Cassio? Cassio was gone for seven days and she thinks that he is with another woman. He has been ignoring her because he doesnt like her that much and it wouldnt look good for his case if Othello saw him with a prostitute,He gives her the handkerchief that he found and asks her to make a copy of it. Cassio wants to be alone because he is about to meet with the general and doesnt want him to see Cassio with another woman.
What happens to Othello after Iago tells him more about Desdemona and Cassio’s affair? After Iago tells Othello more about Desdemona and Cassio’s affair. Othello falls into a trance and has an epileptic fit.
Cassio enters while Othello is unconscious. Iago tells him to come back later. What does Iago say he will offer as proof to Othello when Cassio returns, and what does he tell Othello to do? Iago says that when Cassio returns, he will address him about his affair with Desdemona but actually they’ll be talking about Bianca. Iago tells Othello to hide and listen while he talks to Cassio and Othello will think they’re talking about Desdemona
Iago gets Cassio talking about Bianca (Othello thinks he is talking about Desdemona); what does Cassio reveal about Bianca he reveals that he does not actually love Bianca and he thinks Bianca loves him
How does Iago get Cassio to talk about Bianca while Othello thinks he is talking about Desdemona? He asks about Desdemona, and then quietly asks a question about Bianca. He then continues the conversation, making it seem like he is talking about Desdemona.
What is the purpose of Bianca showing up in this scene? Othello recognize the handkerchief and Iago is able to show how little Cassio cares which enrages Othello more. We can see Bianca’s anger which foils Othello’s anger.
Why does Othello say that Desdemona is a sweet creature, and then, in another breath, talking of letting her rot? Othello is having second thoughts about Desdemona, since he really loves her. He is torn between love and hate.
What news does Lodovico bring from Venice? He brings a message from the Duke of Venice that Othello needs to return to Venice, and that Cassio will be left to govern Cyprus.
How does Desdemona react to the news? She is happy because she gets to go home. Othello misinterprets her happiness and slaps her.
After Othello slaps Desdemona, how does she react? She is shocked and starts crying. She questions why he did it and asks him what she did to deserve it/
Othello starts talking about “goats and monkeys,” and seems deranged. To what is he actually referring to (look to Iago’s earlier lines)? He is referring to when Iago says Cassio and Desdemona and their sexual appetite, calling them goats and monkeys. This is Othello lowering himself to Iago’s level.
What does Lodovico ask Iago? Lodovico asks Iago if this is the way Othello usually acts. This occurred right after Othello slapped Desdemona. Due to the fact that Othello is regarded highly, this behavior is unexpected from him.
What is Iago’s response? Iago hints that Othello has gone crazy but does not quite come out and say it because Iago is trying to remain “respectable)
Throughout the discussion between Othello and Desdemona, Desdemona does not understand what is wrong until Othello actually calls her a *****. What is her reaction? She is outraged when Othello says she is a *****. She says that she is being wrongly accused, and insists that she has been nothing but faithful to Othello.
After Desdemona recovers from Othello’s accusation, what is her plan? Desdemona asks Emilia to get Iago so she can ask him why Othello is acting the way he is. She asks Emilia to make her bed with their wedding sheets.
Iago, Emilia, and Desdemona discuss how Othello could have ever gotten the idea that Desdemona was a “cunning *****” ( a phrase Desdemona won’t even repeat). What does Emilia think about Othello’s accusation? Emilia thinks that it must be doing of an eternal villain who is trying to get office.
What is Iago’s reaction to Emilia’s statement? Iago scoffs at Emilia’s statement and says that Othello is just annoyed with the affairs at state. He clearly wants to get off the subject.
Roderigo shows up and complains to Iago. About what? Roderigo has had no results and begins to suspect that Iago is trying to screw him over, but Iago is trying to screw him over but Iago tricks him yet again at the last moment by telling Roderigo that he will have what he wants by the next night or Iago will give up his life.
Once again, however, Iago wins Roderigo back to his side. How does he accomplish this? He accomplishes this by saying that Roderigo is very close to winning Desdemona back, and that the last step is to kill Cassio. Iago tells Roderigo he has to kill him to get Desdemona. Iago tells Roderigo that Othello and Desdemona are going to Mauritania and that Cassio will be general, but if Cassio is killed, then Desdemona would have to stay.
Iago makes up a story to trick Roderigo. What is this story? Iago tells Roderigo that Cassio is being promoted to be the defender of Cyprus, and Othello and Desdemona, instead of going to Venice, are going Mauritania. Iago tells Roderigo to kill Cassio and Othello would have to stay in Cyrpus, so then Roderigo can have Desdemona
What does Iago want Roderigo to do? Iago wants Roderigo to kill Cassio. He tells him taht this way Othello and Desdemona will have to stay in Cyprus/
What are Desdemona’s thoughts at the beginning of this scene? Why are they ominous? Desdemona tells Emilia to prepare their wedding sheets on the bed. If she dies, she wants Emilia to wrap her in those sheets. Earlier in the play, Othello was thinking about strangling Desdemona in their bed, so this could be foreshadowing that
Desdemona asks Emilia if she thinks there are any women who are unfaithful to their husbands. Does Desdemona seem na├»ve with this question? Yes she seems naive with this question because a lot of people do cheat on their husbands and wives. It also shows us the purity of Desdemona’s love because she cannot even fathom cheating on Othello
What is Emilia’s response to Desdemona’s questions about women who commit adultery? She says that women shouldn’t be stereotyped as whores and virgins and should be treated like individuals that have desires and wants just like men do. She says that there are women who are unfaithful but it is usually the men’s fault if they are
Desdemona has been humiliated and abused (mentally and physically) by her husband, yet she loves him and wants to convince him of the purity of their marriage. Is her total love weak and foolish or admirable? Desdemona’s love is admirable because although she is mentally and physically abused by her her husband, he does not know that she is innocent and is asking as any man would in this situation. Even though Desdemona is being falsely accused she keeps her cool and will do everything in her power to keep her marriage in tact
What is Iago’s plan for Cassio? Iago wants Roderigo to kill Cassio. He tells him that if Roderigo is dead, Desdemona would stay in Cyprus. They’ll both attack him, but Roderigo will attack first.
What are the two reasons Iago says he wants Cassio dead? Iago wants Cassio dead because Iago is jealous that Cassio has a better life than him. Also, if Cassio finds out Iago’s plan, he’ll foil it.
Iago thinks it will be beneficial for him if Cassio kills Roderigo. Why? If Cassio kills Roderigo he will be able to keep his Jewels.
What saves Cassio? Cassio’s armor saves him
Why does Roderigo say to Iago, “O Damn’d Iago! Oh inhuman dog!”? Iago stabbed Roderigo.
Why is it necessary for Gratiano and Lodovico to be present at this time? Because they were there, Iago wasn’t able to kill Cassio
What is the meaning of Iago’s aside at the end of this scene. Iago is saying in his soliloquy that tonight is the night that will make or break him
What does the soliloquoy at the beginning of scence 2 reveal about Othello’s mood? The soliloquy at the beginning reveals that Othello is having second thoughts about killing Desdemona. He looks at her beauty and kisses her thinking that he doesnt want to do it. He is much calmer than he has been because he has decided he will kill Desdemona.
Why does Othello say, “No; heaven forfend! I would not thy soul.” Othello says this because in Christian belief, one must confess all of their sins before they die. Othello says this to Desdemona because he is going to kill her and he wants her to be prepared to die. Othello wants Desdemona to confess cheating on her.
As Desdemona tries to convince Othello that she is innocent of what she has been accused of, what causes her to break down and weep. Othello tells Desdemona that Cassio has been killed by Iago but Othello doesn’t know that this information is false.`
How does Othello interpret her weeping? Othello interprets Desdemona’s crying as her crying for Cassio.
Before she dies, Desdemona tells Emilia that she has killed herself. Why do you think she doesn’t reveal that it was Othello who killed her? Desdemona tells Emilia that she killed herself because she still loves Othello and she rather say that she committed suicide than Othello being punished for murder.
Why does Emilia repeat the phrase “My Husband!” 3 times? She says My Husband three times because she cant really believe what she’s hearing. The first time she says it she may just be shocked/confused. Then continuously gets more outraged as Othello tells her what happened.
At this point, why does Othello draw his sword on Emilia Emilia is making Othello realize what he has done. She is saying that the worst decision that Desdemona has ever made was to marry Othello.
Emilia bravely defies Othello at this point. Why? She is so mad that Desdemona is killed that she doesnt care what happens to her becayse she just wants justic for Desdemona because she is not at fault
Iago tells Emilia to go home, but she refused. Why is he telling her to leave, and why doesn’t she listen? Because she is telling the truth about Desdemona and that she isn’t a cheater and she doesnt want to leave because she doesnt feel she needs to be obedient to her husband. iago doesn’t want her to reveal the truth
After Emilia dies, Othello gets another sword. He tells Gratanio, who is guarding him, that Gratanio doesn’t have to worry about Othello escaping. Why not? Othello tells him this because going to commit suicide
Othello admits to planning Cassio’s murder with Iago. Cassio is shocked. What is Othello’s other response? Othello believes that Cassio is truthful and turns on Iago and makes him his deed but Iago never tells his reasoning to any other character.
What is Othello’s request of Lodovico? He requests that when he records what happens, Lodovico describes him exactly as he is (his characteristics and personality). He says that his greatest flaw was loving to much.
Othello kills himself, and Lodovico and Gratiano prepare to return to Venice. What will be the future for Cassio and Iago? Cassio gets Othello’s job and Iago gets a death sentence.