Roderigo Who attacks Cassio?
Cassio Who wounds Roderigo?
Iago Who stabs Cassio?
Iago Who Kills Roderigo?
Othello Who suffocates Desdemona incompletely?
Emilia Who exposes Iago as villain?
Iago Who stabs/ kills Emilia?
Iago Who tries to flee Cyprus
Othello Who kills himself?
Cassio Who is named Governor of Cyprus?
Othello Who stabs Iago?
Iago Who made Othello mad?
Because he was mad that he was not appointed the lieutenant but instead Cassio was Why did Iago make Othello go mad?
Kinsmen of Brabatio Who are Lodovico and Gratiano?
He died because his daughter married the moor Why/ How did Brabatio die?
Lodovico, Gratiano and officers Who brings Iago back?
He thought she was unfaithful to him. Also he thought that she gave Cassio the Handkerchief. Why did Othello Kill Desdemona?
Iago Who gave Cassio the handkerchief?
From Emilia How did Iago get the handkerchief?
mistress to Desdemona and Iago’s wife Who is Emilia?
Governor of Cypress Who is Mantano?
Lover of Cassio Who is Bianca?