Background facts written in 16041st performed in front of King James IRichard Burbage played Othello Margaret Hughes played Desdemona (1660, first woman actor)backdrop of wars between Venice & Turkey
Symbolism Blackness: evil & deathOthello: good natured (fatal flaw); noble
What did Venice look like? Northwestern Italywaterways instead of roadswooden foundationshigh prostitution located on trade routehome to Armenians, Turks, Greeks, Jews
What does Cyprus look like/located? Island south of TurkeyVenetian outpost attacked by Turks in 1570 and conquered by Ottomans in 1571
Who were the Venetians? Moors? Venetians: residents of Venice; did business with Moors but didn’t socializeMoors: dark skinned, muslim; from Africa and immigrated to Venice; black was considered sinful so in plays, they were stereotyped as villains
What were the military duties of ranked officers? General- highest rank and most prestigiousLieutenant- assistant/second in commandMarshall/Ensign- assistant
What was the role of lower class woman? little to no rightscooking, cleaning, caring for childrenbe obedient to men
What was expected of a daughter? hardly any respect or kindnessparents were disappointed father took bids for marriage to daughter
What was expected of a bride? bring a dowry into marriage to benefit the family
What were the rules of courtship? ladies courted by noblemen and knightsmen wooed the women with gifts and flirtingrelationships were pre-arranged
What did the Venetian noblewomen wear? Sumptuary laws? punishments: fines, loss of property, and deathlonger the train, the more wealthsilver and gold
What did Venetian noblemen wear? hats were a symbol of rankboots from ankle to kneericher the man, the fancier the attire
What was the role of a noblewoman? help husbands run the estateoversee servantscure sick and injured birth a son
What were the roles and duties of a lady-in-waiting? acts as queen’s servant or companiontends to any attire mishaps, etc.cares for childrenprovides entertainment
What was a sea voyage like? cramped and little roomships caravels and cannons
Who were the Ottoman Turks? Turkish tribes went to war over Christian Europedecline of leadership and economy
What relationships were acceptable? must be of same religionparents come into agreementno adulteryno intimacy before marriage
Wedding Crying/Posting of the Banns ring finger from Renaissancewore best dress not white
Difference between a Duke and a Senator Duke: higher rank; title passed down through family generationsSenator: appointed position; lower ranksame social circlewhite, wealthy Venetians