the jealous moor othello
‘there’s magic in the — of it’ othello
iago plots to murder cassio
personal item belonging to desdemona; othello thinks she gave it to cassio hankerchielf
iagos wife; desdemona’s servant emilia
othello has to — one person for a promotion; choose
these, found in roderigo’s pockets, were evidence against iago hankerchief
othello’s — with iago keeps him from questioning iago’s loyalty friendship
“oh damned iago! oh inhuman—! dog- roderigo
partner to ‘that’
desdemona was killed in her bed— othello
cassio’s mistress bianca
‘menshould be what they —‘ iago
othello—-himself and dies stabs
emilia said desdemona was—- innocent
othello’s hertiage moor
—-, i myself. farewall’ nobody – desdemona
show gratitude
singular past tense of ‘to have’
someone — letters that ended up in the roderigo’s pockets
othello believes what he —‘ looks at
play division
iago’s motive revenge
he is love sick for desdemona roderigo
‘so please your grace, my ancient, a man he is of — and trust…’ honesty
iago told lots of these lies
emilia to iago wife
othello’s wife desdemona
“—-“,—‘,’—”! Oh, i have lost my—-“ reputation
‘yet she must —, else shell betray more men’ die
‘for naught did i in —. but all in honor’ hate
iago’s actions —- his guilt confessed
a sudden breath due to shock
iago lied and old othello cassio had a — in which he cried out to desdemona
tells of the letters found in roderigo’s pockets lodovico
he was passed over for promotion iago
‘and out of her own goodness make the — that shall enmesh them all.’ net
othello to desdemona husband
brother of brabantio gratiano
coordinating conjunction
becomes lord governor at the end of the play cassio
act divison scene
emilia’s — to iago proves stronger that her — to desdemona loyalty
‘so i will turn her — into pitch…’ virtue
motive for othello’s actions jealousy
desdemonas father barbantio
‘…’s plain face is never seen till used.’ knvarery
‘the moor…will as tenderly be led by the —- as asses are.’ nose
‘…you shall more command with — than your weapons.’ years
a ruler of a country duke
‘—on, my medicine, —!’ work
definite article
‘i — not what i –‘ am