Oryniak Hamlet 1-20

Entreat (v) To beg
Assail (V) Attack violently, assault (normally verbally)
Brazen (adj.) shameless, impudent; made of brass
Emulate (v) to copy; to try to excel
Mettle (n) strength; courage; endurance
Portentous (adj) of momentous or ominous significance; (v)= to portent
Harbinger An announcer; A person or thing that is a symbol of what is to come
Obsequious (adj) Overly submissive and eager to please (negative connotation)
Beseech (v) To beg, to plead, impolore (a little more begg;y and a little less acting nicely)
Countenance (n) A person’s face or facial expression (v) to support or agree with
Besmirch verb: damage the good name and reputation of someon
Beguile (v) To bewitch/ seduce into your way of thinking
Sepulcher (n) A tomb, grave, or burial place (adj) like the grave or tomb: i.e. the mood was sepulcher=gloomy sad mood
Lewd offensive in a sexual manner
Antic (v) to act in a bizarre way (n) his antics were a little crazy
Sully to dirty, to taint, to tarnish (you can sully someone’s reputation or your clothes, you can’t besmirch your clothes)
Gentry A general term for a class of prosperous families, sometimes including but often ranked below the rural aristocrats.
Expostulate (v.) toargue with someone and trying to get them to chage their mind using logic; to attempt to dissuade someone from some course or decision by earnest reasoning
Carrion (n) dead and rotting flesh
Quintessence (n) the perfect or most typical example