Of Mice & Men Slang/Idioms

Stake “blow their stake” moneyto lose/spend all their money
“live off the fat of the land” to make a life off of the resources of the land (i.e. growing own food, tending to own animals, etc)
Scummy (3) dirty, unclean
Unslung (3) removed, took off
“bust a gut” working hard (physical labor)
cat house whore house; house of prostitution
jungle camp
“Watchin’ the blackboard” (5) looking for jobs
“bucking grain bags” (8) Carrying heavy bags of grain
“thrashin’ machines” (8) sometimes called threshers or threshing machines, are used on farms to separate the grain or seed from the straw of such plants as barley or wheat
“bustin’ a gut” (8) Hard physical labor
“bindle” (8) a small bundle of items rolled up inside a blanket and carried over the shoulder or on the back
“Blubberin’ like a baby” (9) crying like a baby
“pants rabbits” (18) parasites, such as lice, especially those that might affect the genital area
“tick” (19) a light mattress
“Sore as hell” (21) angry
“he give the stable buck hell, too” (21) gave the stable buck a hard time
“Swamper” (21) worker on the ranch
“bum steer” (21) false directions
“rassle grain bags” (22) Lift heavy grain bags
“skinner” (22) mule driver
“what the hell’s he got on his shoulder” (26) Why does he have such an ill temper
“handy” (54) strong
“alla time” all the time
“scrappy” (26) Annoyed, pissed off all the time
“slough” (27) hurt
“canned” (27) In trouble, fired
“licked” (26) beat
“glove fulla Vaseline” (27) Soft hand, nicer
“tart” (29) prostitute
“whingding” (46) someone to be admired
Luger (49) type of gun
Thong (49) long piece of leather
Euchre (49) card game
Loo loo (51) sexy woman
Yella-jackets in his drawers (51) wasps in his underwear, similar to saying he’s nervous and restless
“Ants in his pants” (51) nervous, restless
Yella (51) cowardly
hoosegow (56) jail
Welter (62) fighter
“harness room” (66) little shed off of the wall of the barn.
“pitchers” (88) pictures
Goo-goos (53) Silly idiots
“kewpie doll lamp” (52) type of lamp
“Rag rug” (52) rug
Spoilin’ (54) spoiling
Jail baits (56) a girl below the legal age of consent for sex; an underage girl who tempts a man to sexual intimacy which is punishable by imprisonment
“slug of whiskey” (43) amount of whiskey
“heavy laden axles” (29) bars connecting two opposite wheels
“diggin’ a cesspool” (23) hiding in a sewage/trash place
“handy” (54) strong
“on the county” on welfare
two-bit (51) quarter

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