Of Mice And Men Vocabulary Chapters 1-6

bindle A bundle, usually of bedding and other possessions, carried by a hobo
brusquely Quickly; Abruptly, Somewhat rudely
heron a long-necked wading bird with a long tapering bill, large wings, and soft plumage
imperiously commandingly; arrogantly; dominantly
jack money
juncture a point of union; intersection, or connection
lumbered moved ponderously, as though weighed down; slow and troubled
morosely sullen and gloomy; brooding; sad
mottled spotted; blotched with color
recumbent leaning; resting
thrashin’ machine a machine used for seperating grain crops into grain or seeds and straw
yammered to whine or complain
apprehensive anxious;nervous;fearful
archly cleverly; mischeviously
barley a cereal grass used in malt beverages, breakfest foods, and stock feeds
bridles showed hostility or resentment
brittle sharp; tense; lacking warmth
buck a male human being; a man
buckers those who move or load heavy objects
complacently with self-satisfaction
contorted twisted into a strange shape or expression
cultivator a machine used to loosen the soil while crops are growing
derogatory expressive of a low opinion; degrading; disrespectful
graybacks lice
grizzled streaked with gray; not clean-shaven
handy clever in using the hands
liniment a liquid or semi-liquid preparation applied to the skin as a pain reliever
mollified soothed; appeased; assuged
mules shoes or slippers without heel straps
ominously warningly; threateningly
plaintively in a woeful or sad tone
profound all encompassing; complete
pugnacious having a hostile, aggressive nature; combative
scourges cause of widespread or great sickness
skeptically uncertainly; doubtfully
skinner a driver of draft animals
swamper a general assistant; a handyman; a helper
tart an escort
tick a mattress consisting of its filling and its fabric case
trace chains two chains, straps, or lines of harness used to attach an animal to something to be drawn such as a vehicle
wheeler a draft animal (as a horse or mule) pulling in the position nearest the front wheels of a wagon
bemused lost in thought
derision an expression or ridicule or contempt
euchre a card game in which each player is dealt five cards and the player making trump must take three tricks to win the hand
found free food and lodging in addition to wages
goo-goo used mostly in the phrase goo-goo eyes; used to mean those who are “love-struck” or romantic
hoosegow jail
kewpie a small chubby doll with a topknot of hair
receptive open and responsive
reprehensible deserving of criticism or reprimand; punishable
rheumatism any of the various conditions characterized by swelling or pain in muscles, joints, or fibrous tissues
scuttled ran playfully and nimbly; scurried
solemnly seriously;gravely
welter (welterweight) a boxer weighing between 135 and 147 pounds
wryly cleverly, often with ironic or grim humor
aloof reserved; emotionally detached
appraised evaluated; judged
bindle stiffs hoboes; homeless migratory workers
booby hatch insane asylum
brutally harshly; unfeelingly
contemptuously despisingly; disrespectfully
crestfallen dejected; disheartened
disarming displaying no criticism or hostility; the lessening of fears or suspicions
fawning humble; spiritless
floozy a woman of loose morals
hame one of two curved projections which are attached to a collar of a draft animal and to which the traces are fastened
indignation anger aroused by something unjust, unworthy or mean
sullenness gloominess; disagreeableness; sulkiness
consoled comforted; alleviated the grief
earnestly seriously; intently
sulkily moodily; sullenly
writhed turned, twisted, wrenched as if in pain or suffering
belligerently assertively; with aggressive hostility
dutifully with a sense of duty, obligation, or respect
scornfully contemptuously; derisively; with angry rejection
scudded moved swiftly as if driven forward
skittered glided or skipped lightly or quickly along a surface
snooker a variation of pool played with fifteen red balls and six balls of various colors

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