Of Mice and Men vocabulary Chapter 2

swamper (n.): a handyman; someone who performs odd jobs often involving cleaning
stable buck (n.): a stable is a building where horses are kept. A buck, in this case, is a derogatory word for a black man. A staple buck, then, would be a black man who works in a stable.
tick (n.) mattress covering
skeptically (adv.): To be skeptical is doubt or question something. George is doubting that the bunk house, and especially his mattress, is really clean
skinner (n.) a person who prepares or deals in skins or hides
cesspool (n.): a deep hole in the ground into which sewage from sinks, toilets, etc. is drained
mollified (adj.): soothed; pacified
pugnacious (adj.): eager and ready to fight
ominously (adv.): in a threatening way
derogatory (adj.): belittling and insulting
plaintively (adj.): expressing sorrow or melancholy; mournful
contorted (adj.) twisted in a violent manner; distorted.
apprehensive (adj.): anxious; fearful
profound (adj.) pervasive or intense; thorough; complete
complacently (adv.): in a pleased, satisfied manner
precede (v.): go before or ahead of

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