Of Mice and Men vocab chapter 3

alfalfa a plant widely grown for animal feed
barrel the long part of a gun through which the bullet travels when it is fired
bemused deeply absorbed in thought.:The crowd was thoroughly ______ because the speaker constantly contradicted himself and it was impossible to understand his point
bleated A cry usually associated with a goat,sheep,or calf.
candy wagon a crew bus or truck used for transportating people
chamber a part of a gun that hold the next bullet to be shot
cots apricots
cowering to shrink and tremble from fear: The man was ______ in fear as the bouncer tried to throw him out of the club.
crouched squatting close to the ground: The man _______ down behind the bushes to hide from the angry mob.
defensively in a defensive manner: She screamed ________ at the woman who tried to punch her in the face.
derision the act of deriding or treating with contempt:The fact that franchise include people who have received refunds and been sent a season ticket was the subject of much ______.
does female rabbits: Those female deer are actually called _____.
dusk the time of evening just before dark: My mother told me to come in before _____ for dinner.
ejector a mechanism in a firearm that ejects the empty shell case after firing
euchre a card game
hands workers
loaded shell an unfired bullet
magazine part of the gun that hold the bullets
orchard a place where fruit trees grow
pig pen a pen, in this case, is a small enclosures for animals. A pig pen is a small enclose for pigs.
receptive open and responsive to ideas or suggestions
reprehensible (adj.) deserving blame or punishment
rheumatism any painful disorder of the joints or muscles or connective tissues
sarcastically in a manner using statements or implications opposite to the underlying meaning
setter dog A setter is any of several breeds of long-haired dogs usually trained to work with hunters.
slug a single drink of alchohol
smoke many meats can be preserved by smoking
smoke house a building where meat or fish is cured (prepared) by means of dense smoke.
thong leather strip that forms the flexible part of a whip

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