Of Mice and Men Vocab

bindle a bag or sack, sometimes made from a rolled-up blanket
bindle stiff a hobo, homeless man who has all his stuff in a bindle
bunk house the sleeping quarters for workers, one big room with lots of beds
apple box a shelf made from an apple box, where you put your stuff in the bunkhouse
scourges an affliction, or epidemic
pants rabbits term for lice in your underwear
graybacks bedbugs, ticks or lice
liniment a cream used on sore muscles or to relieve rashes on your skin
jerkline skinner the lead driver of a team of mules hitched to a large work wagon
stable buck a mean term for a black man who works with horses
Stetson hat the number 1 brand of cowboy hats in the West
swamper a worker or handyman who does all kinds of odd jobs like cleaning and fixing things
Murray and Ready the employment agency where men would ‘watch the blackboard’ to find jobs
work slips the ticket you got from Murray and Ready to show your new bossthat you had been hired officially
cultivator large piece of farm equipment hooked to a tractor to get soil ready for planting
cesspool a well or pit used for sewage
slough a marshy or muddy area
tart a woman who wears a lot of makeup and tempts men with her flirtatious ways
to buck barley to throw large bags of barley up on a wagon or truck
to lynch to hang a person, generally from a tree, who is almost always African-American
slug of whiskey a big drink
gut ache stomach ache
Airdale a breed of dog
pulp magazine short story fiction magazines made popular in the 1920s and 1930s before TV
luger a German-manufactured pistol
euchre a type of card game
two bits 25 cents
rag rug a rug made from old material and rags
kewpie doll a style of doll usually won at a carnival game
phonograph old-fashioned record player with a large horn-shaped speaker
parlor house a bar with prostitutes, called a brothel
hutches a piece of furniture like a closet but also a cage for keeping rabbits
welter to be very drunk and depressed
Zane Grey American adventure and cowboy writer from the 1920s and 1930s
nail keg a huge barrel of nails
jack another word for money
to put up a stake to save up your money
hobo from HOmeward BOund, a homeless person
hobo jungle a place where hobos could hang out, have a fire, cook food, maybe wash a little
to jungle up to camp out in a hobo jungle

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