Of Mice and Men: Viewing Guide

Flashback alteration in story order in which the plot moves back in time to show events that have taken place earlier than those already shown
Point of View (POV) shot a shot taken from the position of a character’s eyes. It shows the viewer what things look like from that character’s position.
Wide angle the use of a wide-angle lens to create a shot that captures a wide range of elements
Crosscutting editing that alternates shots of two or more lines of actions occurring in different places. It is often used during dramatic sequences to increase tension.
Who wrote the screenplay? Horton Foote
Who is the director? Gary Sinise
Who plays George? Gary Sinise
Who plays Lennie? John Malkovich
What is George riding in the first sequence? A train
How is the movie a flashback? In the beginning of the movie, it shows us a flashback of George and Lennie being chased by the people from Weed.
What is gained by making the film a flashback opposed to they way it is presented in the book? They gained a different beginning from the novel. When the movie starts, you don’t know what’s going on, or why George and Lennie are running away. Both the novel and movie present this action thoroughly, but in different ways and in different time.
What does the director imply is the reason for George and Lennie being chased by dogs and shotguns? How does the filmmaker imply this? It implies that they have done something very bad and that they are wanted dead. The filmmaker implies this by starting the film with the girl in the red dress screaming and running, frightened, to the men of Weed.
During the conversation between George and Lennie about the mouse, how is the setting different? In the film, they conversation is held on a dusty California road. While in the novel that same conversation is held on the bank of the river.
What images does the filmmaker use to establish setting? The filmmaker uses scenic California settings of dusty dessert and grassy valleys.
Since the filmmaker cannot use language to create metaphors, how does he create the comparison of Lennie and a dog when Lennie drinks from water? The filmmaker uses camera angles, atmosphere, and actors expressions to convey the image of Lennie lapping up water like a dog.
When George and Lennie are talking about the ranch, George abruptly stops talking. What does the shot of George imply he’s thinking? The shot of George implies that he knows their dream about the ranch is unattainable.

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