Of Mice and Men Test Review

owns a luger (handgun); shoots Candy’s dog Carlson
offers to lend George and Lennie money; lost a hand Candy
old swamper; finds body of Curley’s wife Candy
stable buck; likes to read; lonely and bitter Crooks
small and quick; travels with Lennie George
boss’s unpopular son; likes to fight; jealous of Slim Curley
wants to raise rabbits; breaks Curley’s hand Lennie
bored and restless; dreams of being a Hollywood star Curley’s wife
“prince of the ranch”; gives Lennie a puppy Slim
True or False: George’s actions forced both men to leave their jobs in Weed. False
True or False: George and Lennie are cousins False
True or False: Lennie is completely dependent on George. True
True or False: Lennie’s last name does not fit his physical appearance. True
True or False: George doesn’t complain about taking care of Lennie. False
True or False: Crooks lives alone in the barn by choice. False
True or False: George knows immediately that Lennie is responsible for Curley’s wife’s death. True
True or False: George tells Lennie about the farm before shooting him. True
If George wants him to leave, Lennie says he will live in a cave
George says that he and Lennie are different from other ranch hands because they have each other
The boss is suspicious of Lennie because he doesn’t speak for himself
Candy tells George, “I ought to have shot that dog myself, George, I shouldn’t ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog.” This conversation foreshadows George killing Lennie
The story of Lennie’s problem in Weed is included in order to show the strength of the bond between Lennie and George
Curley’s wife threatens to have Crooks lynched
Curley likes to fight men who are bigger than he is
Candy is afraid that he will soon be fired
The men joke about Curley because he wears a Vaseline-filled glove
Lennie is reluctant to talk to Curley’s wife because he most fears the anger or George
After being invited to touch her hair, Lennie kills Curley’s wife when he muffles her screams
Candy blames Curley’s wife for ruining their dream
During his terrified wait for George by the river, Lennie hallucinates about an angry Aunt Clara and a giant rabbit
They only person who seems to understand the real reason why George kills Lennie is Slim
What is the meaning of the phrase, “An’ live off the fatta the lan’?” To eat what they raise and grow
The major theme of the novel concerns human loneliness and frustration
pack of belongings bindle
moved clumsily or heavily lumbered
ridicule; mockery derision
scampered; ran quickly scuttled
confused; bemused bewildered
twisted; bent out of shape contorted
judged appraised
depressed crestfallen
aggressively; with hostility belligerently
flat; without expression monotonous
uneasy or fearful apprehensive
struggled; wiggled writhed

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