Of Mice and Men short answer

What does lennie like to do and why is this problematic for him? Lennie enjoys petting soft things. This often gets lennie in trouble because, being mentally challenged lennie gets very careied away and end up harmong things/people. Lennie does not mean to hurt anybody; he does not know his strength. Lennie has no control over his extremely powerful body.
George tells people that he and Lennie are cousins. Is this true? George tells people Lennie is his cousin so that they do not become suspicious of George. This is a lie. If people think Lennie and George are cousins they will see George as selfless and caring. They would understand why he is traveling with a mentally challenged man. If people knew that they were not related to Lennie they will think George takes advantage of Lennie and make him do all the work while George steals his pay.
Describe curleys wife? Curleys wife is an attractive woman that is lonely and bored. Curley does not pay attention to her. She flirt with the other men on the farm in need of company and love. Curleys wife also regrets marrying him and giving up her dream of being a movie star
What does Lennies treatment of the dead puppy reveal about his character? Lennie, while he is still sad about killing the puppy because he enjoyed it so much (like the mice he killed by “petting them too hard”), the typical reaction for his character is to worry about the fact he has done a bad thing, and that he’ll get in trouble. It shows us, in stark terms, that Lennie’s mental age of 8 or so leaves him a permanent innocent, unable to comprehend what society would consider a crime. He can only react to the threats and punishments of George and his immediate future.
Describe the characters of Lennie and George. What keeps them together? George and Lennie have a very unique relationship. Especially during this time the depression the thing that everyone needed was company. Lennie needs company more than others because he is unable to live on his own due to his mental disorder George knows he is responsible for Lennie. George frequently acts like he wishes he could leave Lennie but Lennie is all he has. George and Lennies relationship closely resembles the relationship between a father and son companions brother s partners and best friends. Steinbeck reveals the strong love and care these two men have for each other throughout the entire novel. Lennie is constantly getting he and George into trouble. From causing them to be chased out of weed to killing a dog to murdering a women to being sought after by a lynch mob and finally to making George do the thing most difficult thing he would ever have to do. George stuck by Lennies side and protected him through all of the dangerous situations he got them into. George never left Lennie despite all of these things for one reason George needed him. Even when he had to end his life, George always put Lennie before himself.
Explain the significance of the title. Why did Steinbeck use of mice and men for the title of this book? “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck was named after Robert Burns’ poem “To a Mouse.” The line the name comes from, “the best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley”, summarises one of the principal themes of the book, that everyone needs a dream, but no matter how well planned or thought out that dream is, it can go wrong. The tragedy of this story is that all of them do.
Significance of George’s name George’s last name is significant because he is named after the author of one of Steinbeck’s favorite works, “Paradise Lost.” It is said that George’s character is patterned off of Milton’s main character who wishes for nothing more than to return to Eden. In “Of Mice and Men,” Lennie is George Milton’s one chance to avoid the isolation Adam experiences after being ejected from Eden. But in the end, George is destined to be alone.
Significance of Lennies name Lennies last name is ironic because Lennie is definatly not small he is huge it is also symbolic because he has the brain of a small child.

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