Of Mice and Men review packet

in what part of the country does the novel take place? a ranch in Salinas valley California, during the great depression
what did lennie suggest he could do after george’s repeated insults? he could live on his own, leave, and let george alone
what things does lennie say and do that make him childish he sticks his head in the water to drink, the ripples if the water amuse him, he play with the water
where does george tell lennie to hide if he gets in trouble in the brush
what did george tell lennie to do when they get to the farmhouse not to say a word to their boss because they’re trying to get a job
generate a list of five words that describe lennie. after making the list, chose one word you think best describes him, then explain why, using examples from the text. dumb, huge, wide, sloping, illiterate, forgetful. (huge) “a huge man, shapeless face, with wide sloping shoulders”
generate a list of five words that describe George. after making the list, chose one word you think best describes him, then explain why, using examples from the text. small, defined, slender, hot tempered, smarter. (small) “first man was small and quick, dark of face, thin and bony nose”
complete the following sentence: “the relationship between george and lennie is like….” after you complete the sentence explain why their relationship is like x, then provide examples night and day. their relationship is like this because george is perfect and lennie is forgetful and is an animal. this relates to the main idea and explains why George gets frustrated.
speculate what would happen in weed that caused them to have to leave, and predict what will happen in the story based on past events. lennie felt a girls dress because it was pretty. i think he’s going to kill the animals on the ranch. i based my prediction on his past
What was the reason for george and lennie late arrival at their job? whom did the boss punish for their lateness? they had to walk a lot. he blamed crooks because he was racist
what action of lennies has aroused some suspicion in the boss. how does george explain it? lennie didnt talk: says he was kicked in the head by a horse
who is curley? how does he react to lennie? what does the swamper mean when he says “curley’s pretty handy” he means hes a good boxer. he thinks lennie cant talk for himself so he makes him talk. he’s the boss’s son.
what opinions did lennie and george hold about curleys wife lennie likes her, george is uneasy about her
think about what makes someone a good friend. using information on pages 17-27, explain what makes george and lennie such good friends i think they’re such good friends because george always looks out for lennie
what animal would you say lennie is most like (focus on pages 24-27) explain by including examples and quotations from the text. i would say hes like a cat. he’s shy when someone talks to him and hes quick “lennie aint no fighter, but lennies strong and quick”
Based on the details Steinback uses to describe the bunkhouse (17-19), how would you characterize the lives in the men who work on the ranch? use specific words and explain why those are the right words to describe them. the lives must be hard, uncomfortable, long and unpleasant. I chose these words because the bunk house is boring colors and mattresses are made of straw (uncomfortable)
describe Curley’s wife by focusing on her relationship with Curley and the men. she seems like a flirt. shes overly friendly with the men and the way she dresses isnt appropriate for where she is
based on what you know so far about Curley, his wife, and the men, what do you think will be the main conflict in the story? popularity, attention, or the boys finding culeys wife with other men
how might you compare the relationship between Lennie and George and Candy and his old dog? (see page 36) Lennie and George are best friends and so are Candy and his old dog. I would say they’re almost the same type of friendship
on pages 27-37, the mood of the sotry changes. Generate several words to describe the mood in the beginning of the story and at the end of Chapter 2. What causes the change beginning: joyful and happyEnd: gloomy and shadyI think it changed because they met everyone and nobody was happy or particularly nice
Describe George “small and quick, dark of face with restless eyes and sharp, strong features.” Page 2
Describe lennie ” a huge man, shapeless of face, with large pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders.” page 2
Describe carlson ” a powerful, big- stomached man. His head still dripped water.” page 35
Describe Candy Old man, old dog, missing a hand
decribe the boss “little stocky man, he wore blue jeans, trousers a flannel shirt, a black unbuttoned vest and a black coat. His thumbs were stuck in his belt. He wore high heeled boots and spurs.” page 20
describe curleys wife ” full, rouged lips and wide spaced eyes. Her finger nails were red. her hair hung in little rolled clusters, she wore a cotton house dress and red mules.” page 31
describe curley “young man, thin young man with a brown face, with brown eyes and a head of tightly curled hair. He worse a work glove on his left hand and high heeled boots.” “handy” page 25,26
describe slim “tall man” “jerk line Skinner” “long black hair combed back” “blue jeans and short denim jacket.” hatchet face was ageless” “large and lean hands.” page 33,34
Describe crooks “his lean face was lined with deep, black wrinkles, and he had thin, pain tightened lips which were lighter than his face.” page 67
Why was Slim interested in the fact that George and Lennie travel together? most people who come to work travel alone
how did Lennie and George become friends? George knew lennie aunt Clara. When she died Lennie went out and worked with George
why did George stop plating pranks on Lennie? George told him to do too daring stuff and lennie almost died
in Weed, lennie wanted to tough what? how did this almost get them lynched? wanted to touch a red dress, and the girl screamed rape
what did lennie try to sneak into the bunk house? a puppy
why do you think steinback includes the letter in the magazines as part of the story? to show that these men are capable of doing things
who shot the dog? why was the dog shot? who convinced Candy that is was for the best? Carlsonbecause he was old and stankcarlson
what would lennie take care of if he and george had their own land? rabbits
what does candy think of their plan? he’s excited and tries to help th,e
what causes the fight? whom did Curly choose as his scapegoat? Lennie laughed at Curley, he chose slim
Slim told curley he should say what to explain his crushed hand? why does slim do this? why does curley agree? his hand got caught in a machine. He did this to get lennie canned. curley agrees because he doesn’t like lennie
Everyone respects slim. Consider what makes a good person worthy of respect. then explain why everyone respects slims i think slim has respect or himself so that helps and somebody who is trustworthy. Slim was tough but always there for people
on pages 48-49, steinback refers to “silence” repeatedly. What is the cause and meaning of the silence. Note that he personifies silence. Find some examples in which he personifies silence and explain how this technique affects the mood cause is because everybody is nervous about killing the god. It makes the mood suspenseful
which event in chapter 3 seems like the climax of the story? explain why you think that. i think the fighting because it’s the most exciting part and everything kinda led up to that part
Who is Crooks? where was he born? California. Stable man with crooked back and big dreams
why is he jealous of Lennie frienship with George? how does he battle his loneliness? he was jealous because he didn’t have anybody. He collected items to deal with his loneliness
what does crooks cay about Lennie’s dream of “livin off the fatta of the lan”? Why? He says he’s crazy, because without george lennie couldn’t do it
does curleys wife really know what happened to Curley’s hand? what is her reaction to the incident? yes she does. She thinks the boys are telling a story that is crap. She seems happy that Curlet got beat up by somebody
how could curleys wife have Crooks “strung up on a tree so easy it aint even funny”? she’s the boss’s sons wife. she could ,make up a story about him and easily get him killed if she wanted
Who does Curley pick on to prove he can beat him up no matter to size Lennie
Who does Carlson persuade that his dog is worthless Candy
who did george kill to prove he didnt need him Lennie
Lennie feels different because of his feelings he feels everything/ does weird things
Crooks feels unwanted because his skin color which makes him feel lonely and not talk to anyone
Curleys wife feel left out because shes a girl so she flaunts herself to get noticed
what happened to lennies puppy? he killed it by slapping it
Why does lennie cover Curley wifes mouth? How does Lennie kill her? she started screaming. He broke her neck
what four things were gone from her face as she lay there? meaness, plannings, discontent, and ache for attention
whom does Candy blame for the murder? Lennie
what was Candy’s greatest fear? losing his chance to live with George and Lennie on the ranch
Why does George leave the scene of the murder and then return with the others to the barn? to make it seem like her had nothing to do with it
whom does carlson think has stolen his lugar? who do you think has it? Lennie. I think George has it
where does Lennie hide? in the brush
what two characters does Lennie imagine chastising him? Aunt Clara, and a huge rabbit
after Lennies repeated attempts to make george give him hell, what two things did he ask george to tell about? other guys and themselves
What was the thing george wanted lennie to know most of all? he was never mad and he isnt mad now
what does George do to Lennie? earlier in the book, who ro what was killed in the same way? George shot Lennie in the back of the head. Candy’s dog died that way
why did George lie to the others about what happened? who seemed to be the only man sensitive to George’s feelings about what he’d done? slim was sensitive. He lied to continue to make money
Exposition Fled from weedbeen together for yearsdreamed of a farmsetting: california
rising action arrive at ranchCurley picks fight with Lennie
Climax Kills puppy and Curley’s wife
falling action Candy finds dead bodyThey take off to find Lennie
Resolution George finds LennieGeorge distracts LennieGshoots Lennie
Curley’s wife is never given a name. Speculate about why Steinbeck refers to her as Curley’s wife. Also, generate a list of three words that describes her as a person, the choose one and explain why that words best describes her. She isn’t that important. I would say flirt, sloppy, and lonely. I would choose flirt because she goes and gives looks to other men and shes always in their rooms when curley isn’t around.
“Am I my brother’s keeper?” This is a question that has been asked for centuries and it certainly applies to this novel. What exactly does it mean to be “your brother’s keeper”? How does this definition apply to the novel? Include examples from the story and your experience to support your thinking. Do you protect your brother is what it means. This is an example of Lennie and George. George protected Lennie by killing him so he didn’t get beat up by everybody else.
At the end of the story, George kills Lennie. Why did he do it? Is this behavior what you would expect from someone acting as “his brothers keeper” why or why not? support your argument with examples and details from the text and/or your experience. he killed Lennie to protect his from torture. No i do not expect it, but it makes sense why he does it.
John Steinback said, “In every bit of honest writing in the world there is a base theme: Try to understand men; if you understand each other you will be kind to each other. Knowing a man well never leads to hate and nearly always leads to love.” explain what you think this quotation means and how it relates to the novel and your own experience. Understanding one another is better than judging one another. the boys always judged crooks, but once they sat down with him, realized he wasn’t a bad person.

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