Of Mice and Men Review

Who is the boss’ son? Curley
“On the sand banks the rabbits sat as quietly as little, gray sculptured stones.” Simile
“The sound of the approaching grain teams was louder, thud of big hooves on hard ground, drag of bakes and the jungle of trace chains.” Imagery
Curley filled his glove with this to keep his hand soft for his wife. Vaseline
Old Susy’s place? Brothel
“The shade climbed up the hill toward the top.” Personification
Curley’s wife uses this to tempt Lennie. Hair
George’s final words to Lennie are about this. Farm
Aunt Clara and a giant rabbit appears to this person. Lennie
Raised Lennie? Aunt Clara
Carried the work cards to the ranch? George
Candy finds his wife dead. Curley
The town Lennie and George leave? Weed
What is Lennie petting a dead puppy an example of? Foreshadow
Whit enters here with a magazine. The man wrote a letter to the editor. Bunkhouse
“I seen ’em [women] poison before, but I never seen no piece of jail bait worse than her.” Metaphor
Lennie’s dream is to take care of this animal. Rabbits
This was crooked on Crooks, thus the name. Back
The person understands Lennie and George’s friendship. Slim
Slim was a jerkline skinner and _____ of the ranch. Prince
Crooks was this. Stable buck
An old swamper Candy
Decade the novel takes place? Thirties
George uses his gun in the final scene. Carlson

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