Of Mice And Men Review

Describe how Lennie acts -Lennie acts like a child-has a fierce temper-cannot make decisions-He forgets things-likes to touch soft things
Describe how George acts – George is mean-Sneaky-takes care of Lennie-quick tempered-angry
Tell about the “dream” George and Lennie share. George and Lennie want to buy a farm and have cows and pigs and tend rabbits. They want to “live off the fatta the ‘lan”
Describe Candy Old, one arm, worried about getting fired, friendly, and honest.
Describe how Curley acts -Mean-bossy-confrontational-the boss’ son-nobody likes him
what are two similarities between Candy and his dog -they are both old-they are both of no use to anyone anymore
define bank the part of land that meets a body of a river.
define rabbit hutch a type of cage for keeping rabbits
define reeds tall grass with hollow stems, often found near water
define brusquely quickly, abruptly, almost rudely
define bindle A small bundle of items rolled up inside a blanket and carried over the shoulder
define acre a parcel of land about the size of a football field
define morosely In a sad gloomy manner
define bucking To throw large bags of grain onto a truck
define wearily tired
Why does Lennie like to pet mice even if they are dead? Lennie like to touch soft things
Describe how Curley’s wife acts -Inappropriate-A flirt or loo loo
Why don’t the men on the ranch like Curley’s wife? The men don’t like Curley’s wife because she is a flirt and they do not want to get in trouble or fired.
How are George and Lennie different from other men on the ranch? -George and Lennie are different because they travel together and have each other.-The other ranchers usually travel alone.
Explain what George means when he talks about “Living off the fatta lan” It means they will grow their own crops and take care of the land themselves.
What will Lennie’s job be on their farm Lennie will be in charge of tending to the rabbits.
What happens to Curley’s wife when Lennie touches her hair Lennie shakes her and breaks her neck and she dies.
Describe Candy’s dog old, smelly, blind, of no use to anyone anymore.
Give the physical description of George small framedarksharp features
Give the physical description of Lennie largestronghuge
Give the physical description of Curley shortstrongdark hairdresses nice
Give the physical description of Curley’s wife prettydark hairwears nail polish
What happens to Lennie’s puppy? It dies because Lennie squeezed it too hard when it bit him.
How does Lennie react to his puppy dying? He is scared that George will not let him tend the rabbits because he killed the puppy.
Why did Lennie kill Curley’s wife? Lennie killed Curley’s wife because she was screaming and he did not want George to hear her.
How did George first react to Curley’s wife being dead? George wanted to make sure that he would not be blamed for her death.
Why did George kill Lennie George killed Lennie because he did not want him to be lynched by Curley.
How did George kill Lennie George killed Lennie by shooting him in the back of the head.
Who understands why George killed Lennie Slim understands that George had to kill Lennie so he would not be tortured by Curley.

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