Of Mice and Men Review

A few miles south of Soledad, this river runs deep and green Salinas River
Lennie breaks Curley’s wife’s neck
Old swamper whose dog was killed Candy
What did Lennie like to do to dead mice? pet them
Lennie carried a dead on in his pocket mouse
Ranch foreman Slim
Place to keep animals and store hay barn
What does Curley like to do? read
Lennie offers to go away and live in one a cave
Curley wore one on his left hand glove
George shot Lennie with it luger or gun
One in charge boss
George’s last name Milton
Son of the ranch owner Curley
Curley’s wife acts like one tramp
Card game George plays solitaire
He is mentally slow but physically strong Lennie
Outdoor place ranchers stay overnight campsite
Lennie’s aunt who gave him mice Clara
Lennie often did this; didn’t remember forgot
Lennie’s last name Small
Lennie was ACCUSED of this in Weed rape
George and Lennie, for example are… friends
What was the name of the town George and Lennie had to leave? Weed
Lennie crushed Curley’s… hand
Who killed Lennie? George
Ranch hand’s bed bunk

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